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    Your Profile Photo- Why is it So Important?

    There may be a lot of fish in the sea, but you have to use the right bait to hook one. The profile photo you post when you join an online dating service is the “bait” you use to “hook” dates, so choose wisely.

    Let’s face it; online dating is a primarily visual experience. When you’re clicking through online dating profiles, you look at the person’s headshot first. If you like what you see, you click on his or her profile to find out more about the person. Actually, online dating is like dating in any other setting. A person’s appearance is usually the first thing that attracts your attention and kindles a desire to walk across the room and introduce yourself. As you chat, you may discover that you are not as attracted to the person as you were to their appearance; but if appearance hadn’t encouraged you to say hello, you’d never know. You could have missed the opportunity to meet the love of your life!

    Online dating works the same way. You browse through dating headshots, stopping to read the profiles of potential dates whose appearance attracts your attention. If you are as intrigued by a person’s dating profile as you are by their photos, you contact them. Otherwise, you keep browsing. The purpose of your online dating headshot is to catch the attention of other daters so that they’ll take the next step and read your profile.

    You don’t have to look like a Victoria’s Secret model or a Hollywood action star to attract attention on an online dating site. All you need is a dynamite profile photo and a few more great photos that show off your best qualities. The importance of the photos you post with your dating profile makes it worth having your online dating photos taken by a professional photographer. A pro knows how to use lighting, head and body angles, backgrounds, color and props to create the image you want to portray to other daters. To whom would you rather entrust your future romantic happiness – your buddy or a pro?

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    4 Tips to Getting a Great Dating Photo

    You’re scrolling through hundreds of dating photos online and on dating apps to find that special someone who captures your eye. Like a slot machine, you suddenly stop at that one picture that captivates you amongst the blur of faces. It’s only then that you start reading the profile to see if it’s someone you would consider taking that next step with. What was it about that particular dating photo that stopped you in your tracks? Maybe it was the way they were dressed, or perhaps it was the expression on their face – or yes, it could just be the way the camera captured their body. Whatever it was, the fact is that a picture does tell a thousand words. Although there are so many other components that are important when it comes to attraction, people are not going to GET to know you if you are not putting yourself out there in a way that grabs someone’s attention. So I invite you to dig deep and ask yourself: Are you getting a “click” with your dating photo? Check out these tips and you will start seeing more action on your profile simply by focusing on your dating image and creating a great first impression.

    Tip #1: Hire a pro to take your dating photos.

    Because an amazing photo results in more people emailing you online, I highly recommend hiring a professional photographer like OnlineProfilePros.com who can make sure you look your best by highlighting your strengths, and downplaying any flaws. If you don’t want to splurge on a professional photographer, you can still get a great photo by asking a friend to take a few shots of you outside before 10am or after 3pm when the light is the softest. Avoid trying to take these photos yourself!

    Tip #2: Choose the right clothes and accessories for your dating photos!

    You want your clothes to be sexy and put together, so choose your outfit wisely.

    A few things to avoid:

    • No sunglasses or glasses.
    • No patterns or stripes. They’re distracting and often add bulk.
    • No turtlenecks. They make you look closed off and aren’t particularly flattering.
    • No baggy clothing! Wear outfits that show off and slim your figure
    • Pay attention to your shoes! Women go for a heel with a dress.       Men a nice boot or dress shoe will really pull together even a casual look. And yes, women notice your shoes!

    Whether you’re getting your picture taken by a friend or a professional, change your outfit at least three times during the shoot. Have photos taken in at least one dressier outfit and one casual look. Choose accessories that are simple and fun, but not distracting.

    Also, men and women really respond to color! Try choosing colors that look great against your skin tone and really attract the eye. The most universally flattering colors are blue, green, purple, and red.

    Tip #3: Have the right attitude!

    Research shows that upon first impression (which is in the first 30 seconds of seeing someone), a person’s attitude is one of the most important determining factors of likability and attraction. That is why it’s crucial to make sure you are portraying a positive mood in your dating photos. Avoid bad posture, crossing your arms and being too serious. Instead focus on being approachable and inviting by smiling and appearing confident in your body language.

    Tip #4: Less is more!

    And I don’t mean less clothes! I mean less pictures. Remember you are only as good as your worst picture. You may look attractive in five pictures, but if the sixth picture is unattractive or you look vastly different from the rest, then you may lose your visitor at the last second. It’s not about what your friends would find cute or showing how diverse you are doing various activities. It’s about congruency, sex appeal and what the opposite sex finds attractive. I recommend three or four good shots varying in close ups and full body that puts you in the best light possible.

    Overall, it is important to keep in mind that it’s not about changing who you are so that you look vastly different, but portraying an attractive and sexy image that the opposite sex will find appealing, creating a desire to learn more about you.  Remember, Online Profile Pros is here to help you get the best dating photos possible.

    For more tips on how to get Clicks on Your Pics, please check out our videos just for Men and Women.

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    Online Dating Photos Dos and Don’ts with Examples

    The online dating photos you choose to add to your profile can make or break your dating profile.  Here is an excerpt from a recent article from the eHarmony blog about the importance of good online dating photos.

    Choosing a the right good cover photo for your online dating profile is absolutely at the top of the list when it comes to your success. Here are the types of photos that will work best….We have also included some not-so-great examples that we have seen many, many times. A high quality photo can really make the difference as well, so if you don’t have the best camera — find a friend who does. The bottom line is it is worth the investment of a little time and energy to have some good pictures taken of yourself. And sorry, a selfie taken in the bathroom with your iPhone doesn’t count!

    Sourced through Scoop.it from: www.eharmony.com

    Great insight from eHarmony’s blog.  They obviously see a lot of online dating photos, so they know what they’re taking about.  Instead of just listing do’s and don’t they actually give you examples to show why.   So many people don’t put much effort into their dating photos, putting up selfies, blurry photos, photos with an ex or friend cropped out.  Would you swipe right on a profile with a bad photo?  Probably not, so stop searching for reasons why you’re not getting the dates you want….it’s your profile photos.  Online dating and dating apps are visual, you can delude yourself into thinking that someone will choose you for your great written pros, but you’re looking at their photo and they’re looking at yours.  When you’re ready to start taking online dating and dating apps seriously, get a professional online dating photo…..and hey, you can actually use that photo on your Facebook profile (maybe that old high school boyfriend you’re still pining over will ask you out again) and your LinkedIn profile (get that promotion you want because you really do look the part of a Vice President with that new photo).

    We certainly know where you can find a great online dating photographer, but these tips will help you even if you can’t get a professional to take your online dating photos.

  • OnlineProfilePros Featured in the Philadelphia Inquirer

    OnlineProfilePros is proud to be featured in the December 3rd issue of the Philadelphia Inquirer and on Philly.com in the article titled “Professional photos on dating sites make a first-impression difference”.  In the article you will find valuable information on what makes a good online dating photo and why professional dating photos are so important.  “People are becoming more aware that they have a personal brand and that they need to take care of it,” says Gordon Gooch of OnlineProfilePros.  We hope you find informative.

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  • Dateless? Time to Revamp Your Online Dating Photos

    Were you still dateless last month? Don’t think for a minute that the problem is with you. Take a look at your Online Dating Photos.  There’s someone special out there for each of us; we just have to find each other. And that’s the trick, isn’t it? Whether you’re young, time-strapped and singly focused on building a career, recently divorced and struggling to adapt to the modern dating scene or a silver-haired fox ready to embrace new experiences; finding that special someone can be like looking for a needle in a haystack.

    Online Dating PhotosWhat you have to do is improve your odds. In effect, you need to make that needle bigger, color it bright red and stud it with diamonds so it can’t be missed! How? By giving your online dating headshot and dating profile a head-to-toe makeover. Today, 1 in 5 committed relationships starts online. Seventeen percent of the couples who walked down the aisle in 2010 started their romance on an online dating site. People find true love online every single day and you can too. You just gotta have faith!

    If love hasn’t sent you an email lately or the online contacts you’re getting aren’t from people you consider datable, there’s an obvious disconnect between your online dating persona and your heart’s desire. It’s time to take another look at your online posting and perform a little cosmetic surgery that will get you noticed.

    The first place to start is your online dating photos. When your first contact with potential dates is online, posting fabulous profile photos is hugely important. It may not be PC to judge people by their outward appearance, but it’s human nature. Your dating headshot and any other photos that appear with your online dating profile create that critical first impression that determine which way Cupid aims his arrows.

    Next time: Tips for getting great dating profile photos

  • Smile or Not to Smile

    To Smile or Not to Smile in Your Online Dating Photo?

    So much rides on your dating profile and especially your online dating photo. Your dating headshot photo creates that critical first impression that says either “click again” or “contact me.” When something is that important, it deserves your time and attention. You can’t just hold your arm out and take a quick snap of your face with your cell phone (the iconic MySpace shot). Well, actually, you can; but if you do post a cell phone candid, don’t expect a rush of traffic to your inbox. Ditto having your friend snap a quick pix.

    More than 2 million Americans met their spouses online. Do you really want to put something that important in the hands of someone you wouldn’t trust to babysit your dog? Be smart; call in the pros and have your dating headshot taken by a professional photographer.

    Most people arrive at their dating headshot photo session with their hair, makeup and wardrobe ready to go; but few have thought about poses or facial expressions. A 2010 study of 7,000 dating profile photos conducted by OkCupid.com indicates that your pose and expression play a bigger role in dating decisions than you think. For example, women who looked directly into the camera and smiled in their dating headshots received the most contacts. Men, however, got more attention if they looked away from the camera and did not smile. Ditto with flirty facial expressions. Women scored if they looked into the camera with a pouty smile but men did not.

    Your photographer may have some suggestions about poses and facial expressions gained from years of experience. Be receptive to his ideas. Your dating headshot photographer will be taking multiple photos so try out a variety of poses and facial expressions. Often, a pose you never thought would look good turns out to be your “call me” dating headshot.

  • Secret Online Dating Fundamentals

    I believe that there is a range of “types” of relationships that people are looking for. Not everyone is looking for marriage or even love. The online dating industry simply increases your opportunities for finding the relationship you are looking for exponentially.  To do this they give you two marketing tools, your written profile and your photos.  Unfortunately, there are online dating fundamentals that you should follow, but they are often hard to figure out.  We are here to help.
    The only problem is potential dates aren’t interested in wading though the mountain of written profiles, they go right to the photos. In fact, the online Online Dating Fundamentalsdating companies don’t even give you an option to start reviewing peoples’ written profiles. All they present you with is a thumbnail of the person’s main profile photo. If you don’t have a photo …you don’t even get a chance to have someone look at your profile because you are on the 30th page of the dating sites search results!

    The dating industry constantly ignores helping their subscribers with the fundamentals in favor of the next big technology like, pings or smiles or even mobile dating. They keep trying to find ways to put people together in the same virtual “room” but they forget to help you “dress” for the occasion.

    Imagine you have a friend who is constantly bringing eligible dates to your house at all hours of the day and night regardless of how your dressed or made up. Imagine you just got out of bed and look like shit and here they come through your front door.  They probably aren’t going to be very impressed and will turn around and walk out the door.  That’s what its like when you don’t take care of the online dating fundamentals.

    That is what I think every time I look through the online dating sites and see countless lousy photos of people looking for a relationship ..don’t they get it? Isn’t it obvious?

    The dating companies think that photos are the number one most important thing to helping you start a conversation with the other person …that’s why when you do a search all that comes up are page after page of photos of people that meet your search criteria. If it is so important to them that they would build the entire web site to show your photo first then don’t you think that you should probably put at least a good photo in your profile?

    Out of focus, to many people in the picture, too small, too distorted, pixilated, photo with a baby, photo of only a dog, too funky, photo looks like a mug shot….these are the common photos people upload to try and make an impression on someone enough to get the other person to start a conversation. Then they are surprised that online dating doesn’t work for them!

    Everyone has heard the stories or even knows somebody that got the relationship they were looking for with online dating. However, they forget to ask what those people did differently to make it work for them.

    Most people only stay with an online dating site for 3 months before they leave it for good. Yet within a few weeks they usually pick another online dating site, usually a free site, and start all over, thinking that it was the sites fault that they did not get a lot of dates. They load the same profile photos, if they have them, and copy the same profile to the new site and sit back and wait. Then they are surprised that they get the same results.

    Here’s some advice, Try something different. Take some time with your profile and make the best “first impression” that you can. Write some thing “real” and take a little time to find a photo of you, just you, that you like.

    Your dating sites is not going to help you with the dating fundamentals, no matter if you pay them every month or it’s a free site. With a little care and attention to the dating fundamentals you will enjoy the most dating success possible.

  • Online Dating Dos and Don’ts

    Today we have some online dating dos and don’ts.  Ok, so last year we shared some pretty bad online dating photos that came to us through the free photo evaluation tool on our site.  We are always more that happy to help guide wayward online daters in the right direction when it comes to their online dating photos.  Now you will need to OBJECTIVELY take a look at your own online dating photos and be honest, or ask a friend you trust….Are you doing any of the following in your photos?

    Online Dating Profile Photo Don’ts

    1) A Self-portrait- this one can be done using the ever popular bathroom mirror or the lovely arm stretch technique.  You’re not fooling anyone, we all know you took the photo.

    Bad Dating Photo, online dating tips, online dating successBad Dating Photo, online dating tips, online dating success

    2) Not smiling – You want a date right?  Would it kill you to smile?
    3) Posting a bad photo-  blurry photos, photos with bad lighting,etc
    4) Wearing something that obstructs your face- like sunglasses and/or hat, what’s the use of having a photo if no one can see what you look like.

    Bad Dating Photo, online dating tips, online dating success

    5) Overly artistic- Trying to stand out from the crowd with the use of strange props, weird camera angles, etc.  A definite don’t.

    Bad Dating Photo, online dating tips, online dating success

    6) Photos with people cut out- you see a disembodied hand or other body part. It’s just odd, you really have no other photos of just you?
    7) Using an old photo- A rule of thumb is to never have a photo over 5 years old, and certainly never post your high school yearbook photo.  You’re an adult now, act like it. You’re not fooling anyone and your date will probably be disappointed.

    Bad Dating Photo, online dating tips, online dating success

    8) Posting your old wedding photo- (no joke, we’ve seen it, think 1980’s head piece and everything.)  Even if you do cut out your ex from the photo (see #6 above), this is in really poor taste.
    9) A photo with more than one person- Which one are you?  You’re potential date shouldn’t have to guess which person you are in the photo.  Again, not a good idea.

    Bad Dating Photo, online dating tips, online dating success

    10) Children in photos.  It’s great that you’re a single parent of loving aunt, but children do not belong in photos on online dating sites.
    11) Drunk photos at a bar or club-  Not a good look people.

    Online Dating Profile Photo Dos

    You can create an interesting profile with 3 recent photographs, i.e. from the last 4-5 years. You should look happy and approachable in all of your photos, smiling is usually best.   Here are the three types of photos we suggest:

    1. Clear, smiling portrait/ headshot for your main photo.  Preferably it’s best to ask a friend to take a photo, remember #1 above.
    2. Full to 3/4 body shot, again a smile is preferable.
    3. The about you shot.  A photo where you’re doing something you enjoy or feel expresses who you are. For example, you on your motorcycle, mountain bike, walking on along the beach or with your dog.  Please no children in the photos, see #10 above.

    For more tips, check out the September issue of Glamour Magazine.  We know that getting the right photos can be a daunting task.  So if you’re still confused about the photos to use or the friend you enlisted to take your photos sucks…..we’re here to help.  Just use discount code 185960 to get a 10% discount on a OnlineProfilePros in-studio photo shoot and we’ll send you off in the right direction.

  • New York Online Profile Pros Photographer- Shana

    We know it can be hard to choose a photographer for your online dating photos.  That’s why we created the “Photographer Introductions” segment of our blog, where we highlight some of the Online Profile Pros photographers so that you can get to know them and their photography style a bit better.  We would like to introduce you to New York Online Profile Pros Photographer, Shana.  She has taken care of numerous New York City clients for OnlineProfilePros and always receives glowing reviews. Here is our Q&A with her:

    1. Where are you located?New York Dating Photographer

    I am based in Manhattan, New York. I grew up in Queens, and I’ve worked throughout the boroughs and Long Island, but I love that in Manhattan I can order a pizza and a couch at 3 in the morning (though I haven’t so far).

    2. Where do you like to shoot your dating headshots?

    I think the natural light from the sun and the surroundings really helps give a better impression of who the person really is. When you go on a date, your partner is going to see you in natural light, not the light of my studio. I also LOVE taking headshots in Central Park… there are so many different areas and backgrounds to choose from, the possibilities are really endless. I think you should get to show a bit of your personality when you pick a location, and I personally like the look of the pond when it’s nice out. That being said, some people prefer the structure of an indoor shoot, and I’m happy to accommodate.

    3. What made you become a photographer?

    A lot of my family members are photographers, it was just meant to be. I remember at my grandparents house there were always these amazing stylized photos of them “Play Acting”, which is what they called posed photos. They had these fantastic black and whites of both of them, and when it came time for me to go to college, I loved every class I took at SVA, the School of Visual Arts here in New York.

    4. How long have you been a professional photographer?

    I started taking my photography work seriously in 2005, and officially started my own business in 2009. I was so excited about it when I took out an announcement in the paper to get things rolling! It started out with family and friends work, and then I got into fashion photography while I was in school. I love taking photos and getting to know different people on every shoot.

    5. Please give some highlights of your photography career?

    I’ve worked with major magazines like Hearst Publications, and even some celebrities (a musician and Broadway Play star), but my favorite moments are seeing my pictures published. Some of my favorite articles I was published in were in “Imprints Magazine”, an article about Female Beauty, and other on PWPOnline.org called “30 Women Photographers and the Women Photographers Who Inspired Them”.

    6. What sets you apart from other photographers?

    That’s a good question, and a lot of people (including my fiancé) think they can be a photographer with their smartphone. I love to encourage them and getting to see what they come up with, but their photos doesn’t always capture the subject at it’s best. I find that with experience and passion I can take photos that show off a person’s inner self, and capture a moment so you can re-live it when you look back at the album. I also have some kick-butt dyed-orange hair!

    7. What makes the perfect dating headshots/ portrait?

    Dating can make people nervous and stressed, and it’s hard to portray comfort, compatibility, or whatever you want to show off to potential dates. I find that when we relax a bit, maybe stroll through the park, and be yourself and smile and have fun, we can capture a more natural moment anyone would be proud to show off.

    When you’re looking for a New York Online Profile Pros Photographer, don’t forget about Shana.  Here are some examples of her favorite online dating photos as well as a link to her Online Profile Pros Profile:



    Dating PhotosDating PhotosDating PhotosDating PhotosDating PhotosDating Photos

  • OnlineProfilePros Featured in Glamour Magazine September 2013

    OnlineProfilePros is proud to be featured in the September issue of Glamour Magazine.  You can find it on newsstands now.  You will find valuable online dating advice from matchmakers and photography advice from our president, Gordon Gooch in the All About You Section on page 257 “$416,240 Worth of Love Advice—Free!”  We hope you find informative.