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    Social Media Pictures Help! Should I Have a Default Profile Across Platforms?

    Social media has become a major part of our culture these days. We use it for professional networking, finding dates, keeping in touch with friends, and more!

    This trend has gotten so big that most people have social media accounts. Studies show that there were 196 million social media users in 2016 and projections expect that number to be over 216 million by the year 2021!

    More than that, most people have many social media accounts. A Facebook account for personal use, LinkedIn for professional networking, Instagram for art and pictures, a Tinder account to find potential dates, and the list goes on!

    When you have so many social media accounts, you may notice that you have a profile picture for each one.

    Should you make an effort to keep your picture the same across all social media platforms? Should you customize your pictures for the platform you are on? How do you choose a good profile picture anyway?

    The answer is, it depends on what you are using your social media accounts for, professional or personal networking.

    To learn more about choosing social media pictures and how to present yourself in the best possible way on your social media accounts, read on!

    Personal Use Accounts

    Most people use social media for personal networking. The people who would be viewing pictures and posts would be friends, family, and acquaintances.

    If this is you, then there is no need to post the same pictures for every profile you have.

    In fact, you may want to vary your profile pictures so they match the vibe of the platform you are on.

    Your selfie in the little black dress from the club last weekend would make a great profile picture for a dating site, but not so appropriate for your grandma to see on Facebook.

    Business Use Accounts

    There are many ways to use social media for business. If you own a business you want to promote, are starting a modeling career, or trying to promote your music, you fall into the business account category.

    For these accounts, you want to focus on branding you and/or your business.

    Keeping a profile picture the same across all platforms will ensure you are easy to find and recognize.

    You don’t want someone skipping your profile in a search list because they were expecting to see your logo and you had a picture of your dog on your profile.

    How to Choose Good Social Media Pictures

    If you want to have the best social media pictures, you should look into hiring a professional profile picture photographer.

    A professional will know how to pose you and use lighting to make your profile picture look the best it could be!

    The most important aspect of your profile photo is to make sure it is a lifestyle photo. The last thing you want is for your photo to look like its from your high school yearbook or for your drivers license. Hence you never want the photographer to use a backdrop or a cheesy background image. While outdoor, on location shoots are the most popular right now, sometimes the weather or the lighting just wont work and you’ll want to shoot in a studio. There are plenty of ways to get a great lifestyle session in the studio.  Shooting around and near a window or if the studio has some interesting architectural areas like a stone or brick wall is a possibility. using various seats or stools in a open space is also very popular. All of these options will end up looking very natural and not scream “I got a pro photo shoot”. they will make you look your best in a casual atmosphere where you can shine.

    A good photographer will also be able to offer “retouching services” which will help eliminate some of the harsh affects of studio lights or direct sun with out making you look fake or unrealistic. There is nothing wrong with minimizing the effects of the camera and lighting as long as in the end you look like “you”. Having a professional retouch your photos is much safer than attempting it yourself with programs like Photoshop and making yourself look like an alien.

    One important tip, never take a selfie and post it to your online profiles!

    Taking your own picture can pose its own set of difficulties and all it really says is that you don’t care enough to take it seriously or you don’t have any friends that will help you out. Both of these are red flags.

    So if you can’t afford a professional photo shoot or can’t find a photographer near you then just ask a friend and follow these simple steps to get some decent profile photos!

    We’ve compiled a short list to help you get started:

    • Choose a camera with high resolution (usually a regular camera instead of a smartphone).
    • Know the angles of your faces and where your best side is.
    • Have your friend shoot a bit higher than eye level.
    • Look at the camera don’t look in a different direction. Engaging with the viewer by looking at the camera instills a sense of trust in you  through your profile photos.
    • Lighting! If you are outside, don’t face directly towards the sun because it will make you squint, the the sun is behind you then you will be back lit and nobody will see your face. Face in such a way that the sun is at an angle and hitting your best side of your face. Side lightning is the most effective. (The hour at sunrise and again at sunset are the “golden hours”). If you are inside, look for warmer lights or shoot near a window with light streaming in.
    • Check your hair and makeup (you never know, your red lipstick could smudge up to your nose or you could have a huge cowlick).
    • Try lots of poses. Get some close-up headshots and some full body. Even seated shots can be good if you are trying to get a whole outfit in the shot.
    • Take tons of pictures! If you take 100 shots, there is more likely to be a few that are usable than if you only take 5.
    • Know your audience. If you are taking a picture for your Tinder profile, you can afford to look more sexy than a profile picture for LinkedIn.

    If you have to use your cell phone for profile pictures, check your phones features. Some cell phones have a feature which allows you to speak a keyword and the phone will snap a picture, instead of having to press the shutter button. Using this feature will help you focus on your smile and not your shutter button.

    Profile + Picture = Popular!

    Now that you know how to take a great social media picture and whether you want to keep your branding the same across all your social media platforms, how about the rest of your profile?

    Social media pictures are not the only thing on your profile! There are sections for personal descriptions, comments, other pictures etc.

    Great news! There’s help for that too!

    We have excellent services to help get your profiles on point. Whether you need help with your personal or professional social media profile, check out our online profile services today!

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    How a Narrative Resume Profile Can Help Your Job Search

    Contrary to what you may have been taught, there’s no rule – or law, for that matter – that says your resume has to be written a certain way when you apply for jobs. In fact, the latest trend in job hunting is submitting what’s known as a narrative resume. This approach shucks the standard bullets and impersonal short phrases for a human resume that lets your personality shine through and tell a story.

    Here’s everything you need to know about narrative resumes and when to use them in your job search.

    The Difference Between a Functional and Narrative Resume

    Most of us have what’s called a functional or traditional resume. This is a resume that follows a standard format and typically lists our name and contact information at the top followed by an objective section and maybe our skills. This is followed by jobs we’ve held in chronological order (with the most recent jobs being listed first.)

    For each job, we’ve been taught to list bullet points that contain our accomplishments or job duties for each position held. We usually put these in the past tense and keep them short and sweet while making sure they’re peppered with industry jargon and action verbs.

    There isn’t anything necessarily wrong with this approach. However, if you’re sending a printed copy of your resume and cover letter directly to a hiring manager and you want to make a more lasting impact, this is when the narrative resume can really do the trick.

    A narrative resume uses a little bit of storytelling to describe yourself upfront in a summary followed by the same for each job. The key to making it sound successful is to describe how you made a positive change in the department or company or solved a problem for them while you were there.

    As an example, here’s a narrative resume sample of what a marketing pro might write for one of their last held positions:

    “I was hired as a marketing manager for Piehole Pizza Company after a friend who worked there raved about my past marketing and PR accomplishments to the hiring manager.

    The company at that time was still in start-up mode and struggling to grow its social media channels and email list on a budget. As I love helping my employers save money and am passionate about the ins and outs of shoestring marketing and PR, this was the perfect fit for me.

    Within six months I had grown their Facebook page by 325% and their Instagram account by 200% by launching giveaways, starting a coupon program, and connecting with social media influencers who were a perfect fit for the Piehole Pizza brand. I also increased their email list from 250 to 25,000 subscribers.”

    As you can see, this tells a story of how a marketing manager solved a problem and saved money for Piehole Pizza Company. By breaking the story up into smaller paragraphs, it helps make it easier to read and also gets to the point right away.

    Had this been written with bullet points in a traditional resume, it would have made the reader work harder to weave the story together. It also tells a bit about the job candidate’s personality and what drives them – in this case, low-cost marketing tactics and helping a business save money.

    Your Summary is a Narrative, Too

    Instead of a bland sounding objective at the top of your resume, try writing a pithy summary instead with a similar narrative feel to it. This is your chance to interject what makes you stand out (professionally, of course) and what drives you to succeed in the workforce.

    When NOT to Use a Narrative Resume

    Here is the downside of using a narrative resume: you definitely don’t want to submit one through the employer’s online application website.

    Why? Because the employer is going to be screening resumes based on keywords and how many match up between your resume and the job description. You can still rework your narrative resume so that it includes some words from the description, but you may not want to hold your breath on receiving a response.

    The reason why is because 95% of resumes submitted through an online screening will never be seen by a person. The software is scanning resumes simply for keywords and phrases.

    What To Do Instead

    However, this doesn’t mean you don’t have any chance of getting an interview. All you have to do is locate the hiring manager’s name if possible by searching for employees with the company you’ve applied to on LinkedIn. There’s a chance that employee may not be using the site, but it’s worth the few extra minutes to double check.

    Also, another option is to simply target companies making a product or service that is fascinating to you. Locate the name of the hiring manager for the appropriate department, and mail them a physical copy of your narrative resume and cover letter.

    This is something that so few job candidates actually do, and you will stand out!

    Don’t Forget to Narrate Your LinkedIn Profile As Well

    This narrative approach works well for your LinkedIn profile as well. In addition to making sure you have a recent and professional corporate headshot, try narrating your introduction and your accomplishments at each job.

    You may just stand out to recruiters and hiring managers. Don’t be afraid to write in the first person, just as you do in your narrative resume.

    The world is changing and both employees and employers are now appreciating a personalized, human approach. Why not give the narrative resume a shot?

    Make the Most of Your Online Profiles

    The narrative resume is just one way to make your online job profile stand out. Could you use additional help, or assistance making your online dating profile stand out from the crowd as well?

    We have plenty of service for both job and relationship seekers to help them put their best foot forward online. From overhauling your LinkedIn profile to taking a professional headshot that you can use everywhere, we can help. Check out our available services today.

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    The Psychology Behind the Perfect LinkedIn Profile Picture

    467 million people used LinkedIn in 2016. Judging by statistics in previous years, the number is steadily rising. So how do you create a LinkedIn profile, and most importantly, profile photo, that will stand out from the crowd?

    Although you shouldn’t judge a book by its cover, many companies looking to hire employees do just that. Your photo should reflect not only who you are at this point in time, but who you aim to be.

    Just like you shouldn’t dress for the job you have, but dress for the job you want, your LinkedIn profile picture should also reflect your business goals.

    Read on for more information on the psychology behind choosing the best LinkedIn profile photo. It could help you land the job of your dreams.

    One Face, Many Impressions

    According to one study published in Psychological Science, different photos of the same person can lead to different first impressions. During the study, even photos taken of the same person, with the same angle and same lighting created different impressions based on the expression of the individual.

    When asked which shot they prefer for different online platforms, such as dating profiles or LinkedIn, people favored varying photos and expressions. For example, they may prefer one photo of an individual for Facebook, but another photo with a different expression for online dating.

    We Subconciously Assign Traits to Photographs of Individuals

    The aforementioned research states that people often assign traits to individuals based on the photo they are looking at. For example, photos that look too relaxed don’t give off a competent vibe and may look as though you’re too immature for the job.

    But photos that show your shoulders can make you look tense, which can put people off by thinking that you might be unable to relax.

    The More Natural and Transparent the Better for Your LinkedIn Profile Picture

    When choosing a profile photo for LinkedIn, you want to look natural and relaxed, but not too relaxed. You’ll want a photo that shows that you’re professional, but not that you’re trying too hard. A photo where you are not trying to impress others will often rank the highest in terms of the best photo for LinkedIn.

    Photos that look too posed, or have you in a high powered suit, might look like you’re trying a little too hard to look professional and polished. But photos in a tank top with heavy makeup would best be reserved for a more casual platform, like Facebook or online dating.

    According to casual findings by journalist Vanessa Van Edwards, sunglasses and other things that obstruct the face make you look less likable and less competent. As a result, they should be avoided, specifically for professional photos.

    Should You Pose With Your Full Body or Headshot?

    Full body poses increase likeability quotients, according to the aforementioned research by Vanessa Van Edwards. But while it does increase your likeability, it often decreases how competent people assume you are. While you want to be likable in your LinkedIn photo, you want to strike a balance between likable and competent.

    Headshots are more associated with competence and professionalism than full body shots. Save the full body shot for your personal social networking, and use a headshot instead.

    Posing or a More Natural Shot?

    A photo that looks “too posed” can come across as unnatural. As such, people might not find you approachable. Remember, you want to strike a balance between likable and competent, and a posed shot can decrease your likeability.

    Instead, opt for a photo that just shows your head or your head and shoulders. You should also make eye contact with the camera, which boosts your approachability.

    Photos to Avoid

    Psychology supports the notion that we judge people in an instant. Because of this, there are types of profile photos that should simply be off limits to those trying to make a good impression on their LinkedIn profile.

    First and foremost, avoid selfies. If you can take a professional looking selfie that doesn’t look like you held it over your head at an angle, that could work for a LinkedIn profile, providing it doesn’t look too much like a selfie. But a photo that is very obviously taken by you should never be put on a professional profile.

    Additionally, avoid photos with too many filters, photos where you’re not smiling at all (you want to look approachable and likable), photos of other items or pets or pictures with your face cropped out. While some of these might seem like a no-brainer, many people continue to make these mistakes, and then wonder why their profiles aren’t getting the hits they deserve.

    You should also steer clear of any photos that could double as photos from a drunken night out with friends, anything where you’re dressed in revealing attire is or a photo that was clearly taken in the mirror. Remember, keep it likable, but professional.

    Crowdsource Opinions

    If you’re stumped as to which photo to use, you can always crowdsource for the best photo for your LinkedIn profile. PhotoFeeler allows you to let totally anonymous strangers decide which picture works best for you based on a variety of factors. They can rate the photos based on how they perceive your likeability, competence and how influential you might be.

    You can also change the photos for different social media platforms, such as social or dating. Photos intended for other platforms will rate you based on other things those particular users are looking for.

    This is an excellent tool if you’re still stumped but know what kind of vibe you want to give off to future employers.

    Which Photo to Choose?

    Ultimately, a professional but likable photo is your best bet for your LinkedIn profile picture. It can be difficult to decide which photo is the most appropriate for your LinkedIn without a third party. Therefore, using crowdsourcing sites or asking friends and family to help you is a good strategy. Neutral individuals and those interested in helping you succeed are great resources.

    Check out our blog for more information on using social media to help you land a job, and find the love of your life.

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    Professional Social Networking: How to Use Social Media for Your Career

    Social media came onto the spot with a massive, loyal following. Close to 70% of Americans today use Facebook alone, and other platforms (Instagram especially) have nearly as strong a following.

    We use social media to communicate in new ways, joining together e-commerce, scrapbooking, and personal relationships under one roof. It’s not surprising that people can leverage these avenues for professional social networking.

    Just as you have to learn to navigate social media through navigational bars and menus, you should understand how to maneuver professional tactics.

    Social media is as linked to a person today as their public information is to internet searchers. In this article, we’ll show you how to best use this unique resource to ensure you get the most out of it professionally.

    The Basics of Professional Social Networking

    1. Build and Maintain a Professional Reputation/Persona

    When you create a profile on any of these social media platforms, you instantly develop a persona for yourself. Just like your physical presence has a reputation with many people, so does your online presence.

    People and companies will make decisions based on this persona (such as reaching out to you, offering a job, following your profile, etc.). The reputation you build, whether professional or not, will still leak into your professional life.

    That weekend party at the cabin where you got a little out of control turned up in pictures. Those picture surface on your profile and people see it. Recruiters may do a little internet research and also find the pictures, affecting their decision to hire.

    Once you build any profile account, make sure to treat it as if the recruiters of your dream job are watching. Be respectful and keep up a respectful reputation. From there, you can navigate professional markets with a clean conscious.

    2. Post as Regularly as You Can

    Once you’ve established your reputation, you’ll need to maintain it by posting regular content. Consistent activity will tell people a few things about you in a somewhat professional light:

    One, it shows that you know how to navigate social media, which is a huge professional skill. Companies today hire whole departments to manage marketing and outreach in social media alone.

    Second, regular content gives you a chance to prove you are both transparent and responsible. If you give regular respectful updates on things like your travels or interests, you demonstrate your life is an open book.

    Third, It will give you a chance to attract a following or at least grab the attention of some professional parties. LinkedIn, for example, is great for posting business-related blogs and articles for other companies to see.

    So, what do you post?

    Try your hand at essay-style blog articles to exercise your professional opinion and flex your writing skills. Update people with your accomplishments (either personal or professional) and keep up a grateful attitude.

    Include company outings or any company milestones reached to show support for your company. This will all help you to attract new professional connections and build lasting relationships.

    3. Look for Potential Leads in Groups

    Groups and forums on social media platforms are one of the greatest ways professionals can take advantage of online networking. Groups are online gatherings of like-minded individuals typically looking for the same thing.

    Making yourself known in these professional groups will boost your potential for jobs and professional networks. If you’re looking to build clientele, these groups and forums are great ways to sell your services.

    Just like a professional network puts you in front of potential leads, these forums and groups act like professional watering holes. Your reputation and online persona will definitely come into play as well as the material you publish on social media.

    Browse groups and perform online searches for professional networks through the platforms you’re already involved in.

    4. Take Professional and Make it More Personal

    Once you’ve developed some sort of professional network or have entered professional groups, offer something personal. It may only be an offer to lunch or an invitation to a company outing so long as you’re building the relationship.

    People like to do business with people they like, and they certainly feel more comfortable purchasing from someone they trust. Getting to a personal level of with clients while keeping things professional can boost your network and persona.

    Use social media to get involved on a more personal level, or else use it as another means of communication. Reach out and ask to tour an office or meet an individual in your dream department. Showing face will help you leave a lasting impression.

    Try reaching out to tour buildings and to reconnect with old professional friends. Browse for organizations or associations you belong to (such as sorority and fraternity connections), and search for groups you’d like to be in.

    5. Know Your Platform Well

    In order to navigate it best and to use its resources to the fullest, you’ll want to do some hard research on your social media platform.

    Sure, you may understand how to post and send direct messages. However, there may be opportunities you haven’t caught onto yet.

    It’s wise to experiment across multiple platforms, which will require you to brush up on old skills or learn some new ones. Seek out official resources from the social media companies to get started, but then head over to Google for extra sources.

    Figuring out how to fine-tune your posts and locate prime networking opportunities should be one of your top priorities as a job seeker. Anyone looking to build up their professional network, though, can benefit.

    Where to Go for More Information

    Professional social networking takes a lot of hard work and effort, but the payout can be tremendous (more money, new relationships, job options, etc.). You’ll need all the help you can get to leverage such a powerful and widespread resource.

    And we’ve got you covered!

    At Online Profile Pros, we’ll show you all the tips and tricks for building and maintaining a professional reputation with ease. Head over to our blog for more insightful tips.

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    4 Elements of a Successful and Professional Social Profile

    Are you making the most of your social media profiles?

    It’s not enough anymore to just have an account on Facebook or Twitter.

    There is so much competition for viewers and followers that companies have to work harder to stand out.

    We’ll take you through some easy ways to enhance your profiles and generate business. These steps only take a few minutes each and are highly effective.

    If you’re wondering whether you have a professional social profile, this article is for you.

    What Is a Social Profile?

    A social profile, or networking profile, is a description of yourself or your business that is hosted by a social media website.

    Facebook, for example, has more than 2 billion active users. Individuals are able to create an account where they can share pictures and updates.

    Businesses can also create Facebook accounts and market themselves to active users.

    Some business owners use their personal profiles as a way of making referrals to their business profiles.

    The process of gaining recognition from potential customers is called “branding.”

    Once customers know your business’s name and what kinds of services you provide, they can follow your news updates.

    What Is the Goal of Branding?

    The main goal of branding is to increase customer flow to your website or storefront.

    Facebook is the largest social media website, but Twitter still has a respectable 335 million users.

    LinkedIn has 250 active users, and YouTube has more than 1 billion users.

    If you’re wondering whether it would be worthwhile to establish a presence on social media, the answer is a resounding “YES!” There are more than 50 million business pages on Facebook and the number continues to grow.

    If you aren’t on social media, there’s a good chance your competitors are.

    1. Use a Professional Photo

    You want to make sure that you have a professional photograph for all of your social media pages.

    In order to enhance your brand recognition, you should use the same photo for each networking profile.

    The quality of your social media photos can make or break your business.

    You might have a professional profile and photo on LinkedIn and a Facebook photo that shows you at a party, getting drunk.

    It’s vital to update all of your social media accounts to have a single photo that reflects your business commitments.

    Corporate headshots are popular, but you could have a three-quarter body shot or a full-body shot on your profiles.

    Take the time to change the file name of your picture before you add it. Having your name attached to a photo can actually help your business rank higher on Google searches.

    2. Optimize Your Biography

    If you want to attract more customers to your website or store, it’s important to have a robust biography.

    Some websites only allow you to put a few sentences in, so make sure that you’re including relevant keywords.

    If you’re allowed to put in a longer bio, make sure that you clearly describe what your business offers.

    You can also insert links to your other social media profiles. Ideally, each page will link to all the others.

    If the bio section has room to put in your interests, don’t skip it. Put in a few links to books or documentaries by people who are movers and shakers in your field.

    Build out a biography that has the appropriate links, keyword-rich references, and a comprehensive explanation of who you are and what you do.

    A well-written bio page can do more to attract customers than you may realize.

    3. Check Your Privacy Settings

    You may not want to share everything you post on Facebook with people who aren’t potential customers.

    A good rule of thumb is that you should have your biography, links, and picture visible to the public.

    You should also have your hours of operation posted for the public, or links to online customer service if that’s part of your business.

    Always make it easy for the customer to reach you.

    If you’re on LinkedIn, make sure that your profile and resume are visible to employers.

    You can also manage the amount of information that gets shared with other users on LinkedIn.

    Every social media website gives you the ability to adjust your privacy settings.

    After you make changes to your privacy, log out and then go back and visit your profile. You’ll be able to confirm that your settings are working.

    4. Add Relevant Content

    It’s not enough just to have an optimized profile. You will want to provide content to your potential customers.

    If you have a pest control business, for example, you could post some customer reviews. You could also post a list of the environmentally-friendly bug sprays that you use.

    Marketing with blogs can lead to higher conversion metrics. Recent studies indicated that bloggers receive 67% more leads than companies that don’t post blogs.

    You don’t have to post blogs every day. You can post them twice per week and post photos or videos once or twice per week.

    When you do blog, make sure that you are focusing on keywords that are relevant to your business.

    Focus on providing consistently excellent content and you should see an increase in your leads and conversions.

    To reach more customers, you can also do some advertising.

    How Can I Get Started?

    The first step to optimizing your social profile is going to be getting that winning, professional photograph.

    You only have one chance to make a positive first impression.

    Take down any old pictures that you don’t want to be visible and change your privacy settings.

    If you’re new to social media, take your time getting set up. Don’t feel like you have to post three blogs and a video on your first day.

    The road to brand recognition can take a few months.

    We love helping people look their best online. We offer several packages and work with talented local photographers.

    We offer full-body, portraits, and corporate headshots and are looking forward to working with you!

    You can book your session now and contact us with any questions you might have.

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    How Good Profile Pictures Can Help You Meet More Women

    Online dating is tough for anyone.

    Considering the fact that there are almost 39 percent more men than women using online dating apps, such as Tinder, it’s difficult to stand out.

    Your picture is the perfect place to start, though. In our fast modern world of online dating, good profile pictures are the difference between a dead-end conversation and a first date.

    If you’re trying to meet more women in the online dating scene and want to know how to make your pictures stand out, to find out some do’s and don’t’s.

    How Important are Good Profile Pictures?

    Short answer? They’re very important.

    While online dating may be more prevalent today than in the past, meeting someone online is a little awkward.

    It helps to be able to put a name to a face. Even if your photos are Time-Magazine-level quality it doesn’t matter if they’re just haphazardly chosen or don’t represent you well.

    If you want to meet more women, then you at least need to make them comfortable with knowing what you look like in the first place.

    Not only is it simply about recognition, though, it’s also about making a good first impression.

    In the case of online dating, your first date isn’t the first impression. Your profile picture is the first impression.

    Much in the same way that you want to use the right words in your bio you want to pick the best profile picture that represents you well.

    If you’re wondering how to take a good profile picture, though, we have a few specific ideas for you to consider.

    1. Ditch the Selfie (For the Most Part)

    We’re not saying you can’t do selfies at all. With all the front-facing cameras on today’s phones, selfies are an easy way to snap a picture and get the job done.

    There’s even some good tips and tricks for taking selfies out there, too.

    The fact remains that you’re better off having someone else take the picture, or to use pictures that were naturally taken of you.

    Having someone else take your picture helps in a number of ways:

    • It inherently shows you have friends
    • A photographer can take more flattering photos of you
    • It shows that you’re not obsessed with yourself

    Whether you mean to or not, a selfie may shout out that you’re trying too hard or are a little too obsessed with yourself.

    When talking about relationships and dating, people aren’t always attracted to self-absorbed people. A photo that someone else takes of you shows that you have other friends and have a social life outside of just the online dating scene.

    Having an extra pair of eyes to take a picture of you is just smart, too.

    A good photographer will be able to spot out good photo opportunities and catch your best side with the best lighting.

    2. Show Your Personality

    Another way non-selfie photos help you out is that they can explore other aspects of your personality.

    A well-written bio is great and all, but a picture really is worth a thousand words.

    Make sure you use pictures that show you doing something or being a part of something.

    Do you like going to theme parks? Use a picture of you out at one with your friends and family.

    Maybe you’re an active individual. Use pictures that show yourself in the middle of the action. Maybe even use a photo of yourself in competition.

    These types of pictures help show your interests, accomplishments, and social side.

    The goal here is that you want to appear like the “full package,” or a well-rounded person.

    3. Use Pets to Your Advantage

    Do you have pets? A fluffy companion or a cuddle monster?


    If animals themselves can have popular dating profiles then you better use them, too.

    Animals are not only cute and interesting, but they show that you’re a caring individual. If you have pets (and care for them well) then it shows you’re responsible and already capable of companionship on some level.

    Sure, rescuing a Pitbull isn’t the same as being in a relationship with a human being, but it still shows that you’ve got a soft spot for Spot, and that counts for a lot.

    4. Show the Whole Package

    By “package,” we simply mean you. Not . . . “other” kinds of packages.

    You should have a picture somewhere in your dating profile that shows your whole body.

    This isn’t necessarily about showing off, though. If you’ve got a great body, then good for you! The point is that people want to see more than just your face.

    If you’re paraplegic or disabled in some way, it’s absolutely no reason to shy away from dating pictures, but it’s details like those that people want to know.

    Your face is probably the center of attention for a lot of women looking, but they still are going to want to see more before they commit to a real-life date.

    5. Order Your Pictures Correctly

    The order of your pictures is actually important.

    First of all, start with your best one. When women are swiping they may judge you in milliseconds based on your first photo, so make it a good one.

    What is good is subjective, but you can enlist the help of friends (maybe someone else who dates online) for this.

    Also, make the first picture just you. Don’t use a group shot with your friends or family.

    Showing you have friends and family is good, but you don’t want to confuse women.

    If they have to keep swiping back and forth between your first, second, and third picture just to determine which one is actually you, then you may have already lost their interest.

    6. Be True To Yourself

    This last one is sort of a two-parter.

    On one hand, be accurate and timely. Don’t use old pictures. You may be tempted to if some of your best pictures are from when you were younger, but don’t do it.

    You’re not trying to trick women into meeting you. You’re just trying to show them the real you.

    On the other hand, do what you feel is right. The whole point of online dating is to meet people you wouldn’t otherwise have the opportunity to meet.

    Do what you feel represents you well. With some time and patience, the right person will come along who sees the real you.

    Professional Pictures Can Help

    Hopefully, you got some ideas for taking and using good profile pictures that will help you meet more women.

    That being said, sometimes it’s difficult to get those pictures just right or to make them happen all on your own.

    OnlineProfilePros is capable of using high-quality studio resources to take dating pictures that will stand out from the competition.

    If you’re interested in any of the services we offer or just have more questions about great profile pictures in general, feel free to contact us anytime!

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    10 Profile Picture Ideas That Can Have a Big Impact

    We all have at least one online profile. One might be for fun, to keep in touch with friends and family. Another could be on a job site where you look for work. Then there is the online dating profile. It could be a profile picture for a company you already run.

    Getting creative with profile picture ideas can actually help and hinder your progress. Too much information, coming across in the wrong way, or not revealing enough. Your profile picture can actually be a very effective tool for getting what you want.

    Let’s take a closer look at some of the best profile picture ideas and how they can help you succeed.

    Best Profile Picture Ideas

    Just because you like a particular picture of yourself doesn’t mean it is right for all your profiles. If you have several online profiles, you need appropriate profile pictures for each one.

    Online Dating Profile

    Your profile picture needs to match what you are looking for.

    1. Smile

    Show a natural smile. A picture where your smile looks forced makes you look phony and unnatural. It’s best if the picture looks natural and candid. Don’t worry if it makes the smile lines around your eyes show up, we all have them.

    2. No Selfies

    We can see your arm, and no one wants to see your kissy duck-lips. The mirror reflection picture with the flash and your toilet in the background are such a hard no. You should opt for at least a friend to take your picture.

    You can also get professional help. It doesn’t need to be a big studio photo shoot, but a few nice pictures in different settings are far more interesting. It also doesn’t need to cost a lot.

    3. Avoid Filters

    Don’t use apps to add rabbit ears or whiskers. It’s juvenile and doesn’t show your real self. Or does it? You might think it makes you look fun, but it is not doing you any favors.

    Don’t use other filters that obscure lines, wrinkles or makes you look much younger or different. Put your real and best face forward.

    4. Get Sporty

    Activity pictures can work but avoid beach pictures. The beach pictures are to make your friends jealous of your holiday, but they shouldn’t be used for a dating profile.

    Showing yourself being active can work, but don’t show yourself drenched in sweat and red-faced. You want to look active, fun and healthy.

    Job Seekers Profile

    Setting up a profile online to find work is time-consuming and a very useful tool. It’s important to get your profile picture that captures the feel of your portfolio.

    5. Look Professional

    It’s a good idea to use a picture that looks like a professional headshot, whether it is or not. A close-up of your face framed well and in a professional setting. Don’t use a picture from the wedding or a beach party.

    Wear clothing in the profile picture you would wear to the type of job you are looking for. Business casual, or a step up, for office work, or a plain white or light colored shirt.

    6. Just You

    Don’t use group shots or your wedding photo, just because you think you look nice in it. This goes for trying to edit out the gang to get just you, as well. We can still see your buddy’s arm.

    Also, be aware of the background. If you are using a nice candid shot, make sure there is no one else behind you and try to crop out any identifiable locations.

    Business Profile

    Whether this profile is for a business page on Facebook or Linked In or your website, appearing professional is key.

    7. Focus on Business

    Keep your profile picture to the point. Don’t include your family or pictures of your kids. If you sell something for kids, use those pictures elsewhere. If you are using yourself for the picture, keep out extra items, as well.

    If you think it will help sell the products, then show it being used. Focus on business means what you are wearing and doing in the photo. Pick one that is recent, that actually looks like you.

    8. Wear the right Clothing

    Make sure you wear appropriate clothing. You may love your recent bikini shot from your holiday, but it not appropriate for a professional picture. You don’t need to wear a suit if that’s not your usual work gear.

    Have the picture taken in your uniform, if appropriate, or just a nice shirt or jacket. keep the picture of your heads and shoulders or from the waist up. You can use full body shots if it is suitable for the business.

    9. Keep it Clear

    The picture needs to be in focus and without excess shadows or reflective light. People want to see your features. Keep it at a nice distance, and keep your facial expressions confident and pleasant.

    Tips for all Profile Pictures

    Some general but very important profile picture guidelines.

    10. Simple Rules

    No sunglasses or hats that cover your eyes and face. Avoid drinking and party pictures and don’t have anyone else in the picture drinking with you. Don’t get too sexy with the picture, even for the dating profiles.

    Always use a picture. Even if you have a restaurant, keep your picture in the profile and pictures of your product elsewhere on the page or website. People want to connect with you. It’s more personal.

    Be creative. Black and white pictures can be interesting, but avoid them for a business profile. You want to be in color for that. It makes you more vibrant.

    Say Cheese!

    Say cheese but not cheesy. It’s great to try and be creative and try something a bit unusual to stand out. There are plenty of profile picture ideas to draw from. Try to make it all match your personality and the message you are sending.

    You can easily find a professional photographer online who will help you get the exact shot you want and help you land the job, sell your product or launch that dating site.

    Please contact us to get started and for any other information that you need.

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    9 Tips for Creating the Best Profile Picture

    When was the last time you updated your profile picture? Maybe you’ve had the same photo from your summer vacation up for months or you’re coming up on a year of post-grad life, but you still have a cap and gown in your picture. It’s time to reevaluate some things.

    Having the right profile picture can totally change your online image. It can be the difference between a left or a right swipe on Tinder or getting a response from a business professional whom you’ve reached out to on LinkedIn.

    Regardless of what you want to do with your online presence, you first need to use the following tips to get the best profile picture possible.

    1. Play up Your Best Features

    Go take a look in the mirror. What do you notice first? Is it your eyes, your smile, or maybe your hair? Whatever your best feature is, you should have a profile picture that showcases this.

    If you love your curves, your muscles, or something that isn’t necessarily from the shoulders up, there are some ways to get these in the shot. You can try sitting down or standing further away from the camera. Or, you can use this as a time to focus on your face and find other things to appreciate about yourself.

    2. Know Your Angles

    It’s one thing to pick out your best features in the mirror and another to find the right angles that complement them. Figure out if you look better when a picture is taken from the right or left side of your body.

    Also, practice how to hold yourself up and how to make your smile look natural, not forced. Other angles to consider are the height at which you’d like the camera to be and how far away you’re going to stand from it, too.

    3. Get Full Body Shots and Close-Ups

    Your best angle may be a close-up shot that brings out your eyes or something from the waist up that highlights your curves. Either way, it’s best to get a mix of close-ups and full body shots.

    This allows you to have some variety when it comes down to picking your best profile photo. You may go into a shoot feeling certain about one angle until the photographer finds something else that works. Not to mention, every social media platform and online dating site has its own way of formatting a photo.

    4. Pick a Scene That Suits You

    As you’re thinking about all the angles and camera positions possible, be mindful of the background you’d like to have. Choose a scene that reflects who you are.

    If you love to be outdoors, go to a park or to the beach to take pictures for your profile. If you’re all about working out, take a few pictures at the gym.

    But, try to align the scene with what you want to use your profile picture for, too. Having dedication in the gym doesn’t get you very far if you’re looking for professional job offers. Similarly, a work-related headshot may not be your best option if you’re looking for a romantic partner.

    The right background for your profile picture is something that expresses your character and meets certain requirements. It’s professional enough for your job hunt or interesting enough to catch a potential partner’s eye.

    5. Dress the Part

    Here’s another thing to think about: your outfit. No matter how good you look in person or what your best angles are in front of the camera, you need the right outfit to make yourself stand out. This goes for all profile pictures – professional headshots, online dating sites, and the average social channel, too.

    You want people to think you have a good sense of style. This tells potential employers that you know how to pay attention to detail and be presentable. It tells men/women that you take good care of yourself, which is a quality many people want in a partner.

    Plus, when you look good, you feel good! The right outfit will make it easier to pose for photos and show off your personality when it’s time to take your pictures. This easy-going attitude translates into the shots taken.

    6. Choose the Right Time of Day

    Timing isn’t something many people think of when preparing to take some online dating profile pictures. However, this can really make or break how the images come out.

    The last thing you want to do is have the perfect backdrop and the right outfit, only to have the sun shining behind you. Backlight makes a shadow fall on the entire frame.

    But, you don’t want to be looking right at the sun, either. This will cause you to squint and maybe even start sweating a little, which isn’t very cute. There are some exceptions to this rule, like if you’re going to be inside or you’re in an area that’s otherwise covered.

    Sometimes, sunlight behind you can be a good thing if you find the right photographer. The best time to try out this approach, though, is at sunset.

    7. Take Plenty of Photos

    Okay – you’ve planned every detail from the place and timing to your shoes and hairstyle, now what? It’s time to take photos! Take as many shots as possible when you’re with your photographer.

    Even if the first couple of shots turn out great, use your time to try different angles and various distances, too. This provides you with plenty of high-quality options to choose from for a profile picture, which is much better than having slim pickings.

    8. Download More Than One Profile Picture

    Speaking of choosing the good profile pictures from the bad, make sure you keep a handful of your favorite shots. It might be a good idea to use different photos for your Facebook, Instagram, and dating profile. Or, you may want to keep everything consistent.

    Either way, having more than one new profile picture is still a good idea. It gives you a backup photo if you get bored and want something new. This collection is also good for an online dating profile where you can showcase more than one image, even if there’s only one profile picture.

    9. Add Something Unique

    When you’re ready to click “save” on your best profile picture, look it over one last time. Ask yourself what’s missing. Can you do anything to this picture to make it better?

    Play with the thought of adding a filter or some sort of feature to make the photo stand out even more. This can be especially great if your favorite sport is in full swing at the moment or if there’s a cause getting attention right now that you’re passionate about.

    But, make sure borders, stickers, and filters enhance your profile picture. If they look too distracting or cover part of your face, stick with the classic shot.

    Getting the Best Profile Picture Made Simple

    It’s one thing to understand the tips above in theory, and another to actually get the best profile picture as a result. What if you don’t know any photographers who can take your new photo? What if you need this done right away?

    Don’t worry — you’ve come to the right place. Click here to find a photographer in your area and get the process started!

  • profile photo

    The Importance of Your Profile Photo in Your Online Profile

    Whether you have online profiles set up for social, business, or romantic purposes, the first opportunity to make an impression on each one is always the same. Your profile photo.

    Because, although you may think that what’s written on your profiles is what matters, the truth is that many people may not even read the information you provide if your profile picture is not up to snuff. And in today’s competitive world, it’s vitally important to make sure that each aspect of your presence online is the best that it can be.

    Are you wondering why exactly your profile photo matters so much, or how you can make yours stand out from the rest? Keep reading.

    We have all the info you need right here. Let’s get started!

    Take Advantage of Every Opportunity to Make a Good Impression

    Simply put, a big part of the reason that good profile pictures are so important is that they’re a huge opportunity to make a good impression with your online audiences.

    Think about it like this. You would never go to a job interview or a first date without taking some pride in your personal appearance, would you?

    Your online profile photos are the same deal. When a prospective employer or partner checks you out online before meeting you, your profile photo will tell them everything they need to know– whether you like it or not.

    Your Profile Photo Represents Both Your Brand and Your Personality

    When we consider our online photos, we may just think of them as a representation of our personality. But did you know that we also each have a personal brand which we are putting forward at all times?

    Although you may enjoy that photo your cousin took of you pretending to fall into a lake, is it really in line with the personal brand which you are striving for? Even on social platforms, this brand matters.

    After all, we live in an age where prospective employers aren’t just checking our professional profiles. Some will perform a thorough search of social media profiles as well.

    Would you choose a candidate with a polished, friendly, professional photo on each of their online platforms, or the one with a Facebook profile picture of them acting silly at a frat party ten years ago? The professional-looking candidate will win the job each and every time.

    Why Photo Quality Matters

    A grainy, pixelated, out-of-focus, or outdated photo will give the impression that you don’t have the motivation (or worse, intellect) to create or choose an appropriate option. This is just one of the reasons why a good profile picture is so very important for your online presence.

    Take some time to vet each of your photos online to see if the picture quality is sharp and clear. If they need to be edited or replaced, make sure that you are aware of how to resize an image, so as not to lose any quality.

    How to Take a Good Profile Picture

    Wondering how to create the best profile picture for you? Check out these tips.

    The Seven Key Elements that Create the Best Profile Pictures

    Incorporate the following seven components to ensure that you are putting your best foot forward online.

    1. A smile that shows your teeth. Show off those pearly whites to create a friendly, inviting vibe in your photo.
    2. Clothing colors that contrast your photo background. This will help to make your photo visually pleasing and to keep the lines around your body clean.
    3. An angle that creates a shadow underneath your jawline. If you don’t have this shadow, the unique shape of your face will become lost.
    4. A photo frame that is either shoulder-up or waist-up. After all, nobody needs a full body shot.
    5. Smile with your eyes, too! Because if your mouth is smiling but your eyes are dead, you’ll look both unapproachable and fake.
    6. An asymmetrical framing. By placing yourself a little off-center in your profile photo, you will create a more interesting image for people viewing your online profiles.
    7. A simple set up. Steer clear of super busy photo shoot locations, or trying to get too creative and crazy with your clothing, hair, or makeup. You don’t want to incorporate anything that will distract from the most important thing- you!

    The Five Elements to Avoid

    Steer clear of the following five photo components, as they can come across as distracting or unprofessional.

    1. Sunglasses. Let the world see those smiling eyes!
    2. Hair in your face. That’s just not a good look.
    3. Laughing. You want to look happy, but not mid-laugh.
    4. Overtly sexual poses. Even for dating profiles, keeping it classy is the way to go.
    5. Hats. Don’t use anything that covers any part of your head.

    Other Things to Keep in Mind

    When you’re taking or selecting a profile photo to use online, here are a couple more helpful things to keep in mind.

    Try to look as approachable as possible. Approachability is a very important element of making a good first impression.

    Going for a youthful look is always helpful as well. Whatever makes you feel young and lively should be the photo that you select.

    It’s Worth It to Ask for Help

    As you can see, your online presence is extremely important. And this presence begins with your profile photos.

    If you feel that you don’t have the wherewithal or equipment necessary to take a truly professional and top-quality picture, don’t stress! There are pros out there who can help. Check out local professional photographers who specialize in taking the best profile pictures for the best results.

    Wrapping Up

    Don’t let a subpar profile photo ruin your chances at a job, a date, or a good social reputation. Use the info and tips above to ensure that you are always putting your best foot forward.

    Just remember that these photos are the first impression you are making on the web, and that matters. Let your brand and personality shine through these pictures.

    And if you need any help along the way, don’t hesitate to ask! Contact us to learn more about our professional photography services or with any questions. We’re here to help.

  • online-dating-profile-750x530

    8 Tips On Creating Your Online Profile If You’re Disabled

    Setting up an online dating profile can be a little nerve-wracking at any stage of life. And if you’re disabled, you may be unsure about how exactly to present yourself.

    What sort of picture should you post on your profile? Should you try to be funny or serious? These questions can be puzzling, but don’t let them deter you from creating a profile online.

    After all, online dating is a great way to get yourself out there. In fact, out of the 54,350,000 single people in the United States, 49,650,000 have tried online dating. That’s a big sea of fish to pick from!

    If you’re disabled and wondering how to create the perfect online dating profile to represent who you are, you’re in the right place. Keep reading for eight tips that will get you on the right track to finding that special someone.

    1. Embrace Your Truth

    Embracing your truth may sound a little cheesy, but it’s a great way to ensure that your online dating profile is honest and genuine. Before setting up your profile, take some time to think about exactly what you want.

    Are you looking for a long-term relationship? Or, perhaps, something less serious?

    Being honest with yourself will allow you to share that honesty with others. And whatever it is you want, embrace and showcase it on your profile and when you begin chatting!

    2. Don’t Shy Away from Photos

    Depending on where you are on your life’s journey, you may be feeling self-conscious about posting photos of yourself online. Whether this is related to your disability or not, take this opportunity to push yourself out of your comfort zone.

    After all, it can be argued that your profile photo is the most important part of your online presence on dating profiles. Whether we like it or not, human beings are visual creatures and seeing what someone else looks like helps us connect to each other.

    The key here is to showcase your true self without shame. And, of course, to get your friends to help you pick the most flattering selections!

    3. Find the Humor

    You may have found throughout your life that humor is an effective and comfortable way to get past that initial awkward feeling some may have regarding your disability. If you have found this to be true, incorporate this humor into your online dating profile.

    Not only will this help break the ice, it will showcase you as the fun and approachable person that you are.

    4. Keep Privacy in Mind

    Although the vast majority of people who are dating online are genuinely representing themselves, it’s important to remember that there are some who are not. When someone sets up a profile that misrepresents who they are, like with fake photos, it’s known as “catfishing”.

    Usually, there are two motives in catfishers. They are either interested in establishing a purely emotional, strictly online relationship with another person without the pressures of meeting in person, or they’re trying to scam them for money or gifts.

    Either way, make sure that you never become a victim. Never give out any personal information to others online, including your full name, address, etc. And although chatting on the web is a great way to get to know someone, meeting in person (in a safe, public place) is even better.

    5. Don’t Be Afraid to Ask for Help

    Feeling overwhelmed about creating the perfect online dating profile? Don’t stress.

    It’s perfectly fine to ask for help instead of trying to do everything yourself. Enlist the help of your friends or family when writing about yourself on your profiles. In fact, they may be able to provide you with insight that you would never have thought of yourself!

    And instead of posting that 10-year-old, blurry selfie, consider hiring a professional. That’s right, there are pros who will do a shoot with you just to get that perfect profile picture! You’ll be astounded by the difference a snazzy new photo will make.

    6. Disclosing Your Disability on Your Online Dating Profile

    So, what are the rules about disclosure regarding your disability? There are none!

    Basically, you just need to do what makes you feel comfortable while still keeping things honest. Just remember that no one likes to meet up with someone in person and realize that they haven’t been honest about who they are.

    However, that does not mean that you need to disclose every personal detail about yourself online, or even on the first date. Depending on how you feel and on your unique situation, follow your heart and figure out what’s right for you. Don’t worry about what anyone else might think!

    7. Be Positive

    Unfortunately, people who happened to have disabilities are sometimes misunderstood. A differently-abled person may think that they are sad, negative, or any number of other generalizations.

    Prove them wrong. Show your positivity and the full range of your personality. After all, your online dating profile is no place for bad vibes!

    8. Showcase Your Passions

    What makes you tick as a person? Are you an adrenaline junkie? An art lover?

    Whatever it is that you enjoy, show it off on your dating profiles. Whether you choose to do this through your photos or in your written bios is up to you.

    Not only will showcasing your passions also reveal your personality, it can also serve as an ice breaker and conversation starter. And what’s better than meeting potential dates who have the same passions as you do?

    Time to Get out There!

    Now that you know how to set up the perfect online dating profile, it’s time to get out there! Follow the tips above and you’re sure to have success.

    Just remember to be honest, true to yourself, and to showcase your best attributes. And watch out for those catfishers!

    In regards to your disability, there are no rules. Do whatever makes you comfortable while staying true to yourself and being genuine with others. And don’t be afraid to get out of your comfort zone!

    Do you have any questions or want to know more about our services? Contact us here! We’d love to chat.