• Online Dating Safety

    Our Top 4 Tips for Online Dating Safety

    You need to keep online dating safety in mind with the many online dating sites and apps around.

    The discovery of your soulmate could begin with a simple swipe right, but never compromise your online dating safety. The convenience of online dating appeals to all. It provides a protective, cyber wall that lets you screen a person before you even meet them. While online dating may appear to lessen your vulnerability or squelch any surprises, it actually has many of its own unique pitfalls.

    The information you see on a potential love interest’s profile could be entirely made up and some users may have sinister intentions. Make sure you know how you can protect yourself online, so you don’t find yourself in a catfishing or scam scenario. Here are some tips that will help you stay safe in the world of online dating:


    When you meet someone online, online dating safety starts by limiting the amount of information you provide. If they are an online predator who plans to commit any sort of fraud, they will to collect as much information as possible from you. If it feels like someone is pressuring you for very personal details, this is a warning sign. Many people will go beyond the dating site and look you up on all other social sites for additional information. The closer they can get, the more at risk you are. Set your social media settings to private so they can’t gather any information they could use against you. Don’t use your entire first and last name on the dating site, as that is another way someone can easily cyber stalk you.


    Protect yourself from theft or identity fraud, when you engage in online dating. Do not share or post any personal information that provides details related to your bank account, credit card number or Social Security number. Try and refrain from sharing your personal contact information, as identity thieves will often pretend to be your financial institution in emails or phone calls. Utilize an identity theft protection service, like LifeLock, which can help you stay safe from any scams or fraudulent activities.

    Paid vs. Free Dating Sites

    There are many advantages and disadvantages that come with both free and paid online dating services. On a paid dating site you will get better quality of services, find more active profiles and meet people who take their involvement seriously. Paid sites also help weed out those who commit online fraud. These sites require more detailed information for payment and enrollment, which holds members accountable.

    Unpaid sites may only require an email or phone number, which can easily be made up. An identity thief or con artist will not want to pay for the services of the paid online dating site, as it may not be worth the reward, and they will also be wary of sharing any personal details.

    Meeting in Person

    After the first few message exchanges, ask your potential love interest if they can meet in person. If they live far away, offer the option to video chat. It is best to physically see the person you’re interested in, so you know they are how they appear on their profile. If your love interest seems wary of a face-to-face meeting, this is an immediate red flag. A scammer will rarely meet you in person, so this is one of the best methods that will test how genuine they are.

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    The Best Cities in the World for Online Dating, According to Men and Women

    The Best Cities Worldwide for Online Dating?

    Sourced through Scoop.it from: www.thrillist.com

    No offense to Coffee Meets Bagel but knowing what the best international cities for online dating is fine,  but I think most people are more interested in finding out their chances of dating success in their own “backyards”.

    One of the benefits of using online dating sites is the ability to tailor your searches to not only your immediate location but nearby cities and maybe even your vacation spot in order to maximize your potential of finding the “one”. We certainly agree that too narrow a search can have a detrimental impact on your search results and have negative impact on your online dating success. However, looking for that perfect someone worldwide can cause some major budget issues for you if you happen to connect with someone 3000 miles away.

  • How to Fill Out an Online Dating Profile- Do it Backwards

    Doing it Backwards – Thinking About You and not Them

    Figuring out How to Fill Out an Online Dating Profile can be tricky.  The mistake many of us make when we are using online dating services and filling out a profile for a dating site is trying to figure out what other people want to hear, trying to figure out what our best qualities are and accentuating them.Online Dating Profile

    In reality, one of the best online dating tips is: when you fill out your personal profile on a dating website, you should do so thinking in reverse.

    As you fill out your online dating profile, you should be asking yourself, ”what kind of person do I want to attract?” By doing so, you bring out the best in yourself and you avoid attracting those people whom you have no interest in dating.

    Opposites May Attract, but They’re not Always Attractive

    Physically maybe, opposites attract, but it’s not a rule. In fact, it’s not even typical. So, while you may want to attract someone that is physically different than you are, more than likely, you are in search of someone that has the same values you have.

    Think About Who You are When You Write about Who You Want

    While the profile section may ask you who you are–to describe yourself–concentrate on thinking about who you want. More than likely, you want someone with traits similar to those that you have. For example, rather than writing in the About Me section, ”I am honest and sincere and open and tell the truth,” simply state what it is you want. For example, ”I am in search of a person that isn’t afraid to share his failures, that won’t hold mine against me and that is open to the idea of forgiving and forgetting.”

    Without Ambiguity — On the Other Hand, Maybe You Are Attracted to an Opposite(s)

    By explaining what it is that you want, you don’t need to go through the process of explaining that the person you are is the person, more or less, that you are looking for. Saying that you are a conservative, homebody and not understanding why it is that the wild, free spirits won’t contact you seems obvious. However, it isn’t always the case that you want to date you. Maybe, you want someone entirely different. Make your profile about the person you want, not the person you are.

    Ying and Yang or Mirror Images

    Simply, if you spend your text space explaining who you are, you waste all the space you have to explain who it is you are looking for. Give people an opportunity to decide if they are they person that you want. By telling people what you want, you more adequately explain who you are than you ever could by trying to explain to them who you are.

  • Dating After 60- Getting Back in the Game

    How do you get back into dating after 60?  Not all of the people cruising online dating sites are over-worked young professionals with little time or opportunity to meet people they might like to ask out. A fair number of older daters who left their 20s behind decades ago are getting back into the dating game. The Baby Boomer generation – 78 million strong — is looking for love and they’re looking online!

    Death of a spouse, divorce or their workaholic ways may have left many Boomers single as they head into their Golden Years; but they’re still active, energetic and as interested in love as they were back in the ’60s over 60 datingwhen everything was groovy. For Boomers, 60 is the new 40! Online dating has become so popular with the gray-haired set that online dating sites have begun popping up that cater only to older adults. Older daters are appreciative. One of the biggest complaints +60 daters make about online dating sites is that they generally attract a younger crowd, making it more difficult for older folks to connect with people who share their experiences and interests. Specialized dating sites for seniors solve the problem.

    Sociologists say senior daters are looking for different qualities in a date than their younger counterparts. Where younger daters place major emphasis on appearance, older daters are more interested in health and financial independence. For daters nearing or past retirement, looks are less important than qualities that are more likely to impact lifestyle and quality of life. Older male daters are looking for women who are financially self-sufficient. Financial security is somewhat less important to older female daters, many of whom are already financially comfortable. Women are most concerned about health; they not interested in becoming someone’s full-time caregiver.

  • Secret Online Dating Fundamentals

    I believe that there is a range of “types” of relationships that people are looking for. Not everyone is looking for marriage or even love. The online dating industry simply increases your opportunities for finding the relationship you are looking for exponentially.  To do this they give you two marketing tools, your written profile and your photos.  Unfortunately, there are online dating fundamentals that you should follow, but they are often hard to figure out.  We are here to help.
    The only problem is potential dates aren’t interested in wading though the mountain of written profiles, they go right to the photos. In fact, the online Online Dating Fundamentalsdating companies don’t even give you an option to start reviewing peoples’ written profiles. All they present you with is a thumbnail of the person’s main profile photo. If you don’t have a photo …you don’t even get a chance to have someone look at your profile because you are on the 30th page of the dating sites search results!

    The dating industry constantly ignores helping their subscribers with the fundamentals in favor of the next big technology like, pings or smiles or even mobile dating. They keep trying to find ways to put people together in the same virtual “room” but they forget to help you “dress” for the occasion.

    Imagine you have a friend who is constantly bringing eligible dates to your house at all hours of the day and night regardless of how your dressed or made up. Imagine you just got out of bed and look like shit and here they come through your front door.  They probably aren’t going to be very impressed and will turn around and walk out the door.  That’s what its like when you don’t take care of the online dating fundamentals.

    That is what I think every time I look through the online dating sites and see countless lousy photos of people looking for a relationship ..don’t they get it? Isn’t it obvious?

    The dating companies think that photos are the number one most important thing to helping you start a conversation with the other person …that’s why when you do a search all that comes up are page after page of photos of people that meet your search criteria. If it is so important to them that they would build the entire web site to show your photo first then don’t you think that you should probably put at least a good photo in your profile?

    Out of focus, to many people in the picture, too small, too distorted, pixilated, photo with a baby, photo of only a dog, too funky, photo looks like a mug shot….these are the common photos people upload to try and make an impression on someone enough to get the other person to start a conversation. Then they are surprised that online dating doesn’t work for them!

    Everyone has heard the stories or even knows somebody that got the relationship they were looking for with online dating. However, they forget to ask what those people did differently to make it work for them.

    Most people only stay with an online dating site for 3 months before they leave it for good. Yet within a few weeks they usually pick another online dating site, usually a free site, and start all over, thinking that it was the sites fault that they did not get a lot of dates. They load the same profile photos, if they have them, and copy the same profile to the new site and sit back and wait. Then they are surprised that they get the same results.

    Here’s some advice, Try something different. Take some time with your profile and make the best “first impression” that you can. Write some thing “real” and take a little time to find a photo of you, just you, that you like.

    Your dating sites is not going to help you with the dating fundamentals, no matter if you pay them every month or it’s a free site. With a little care and attention to the dating fundamentals you will enjoy the most dating success possible.

  • win at online dating

    Win at Online Dating While Staying Sane

    With so many people playing to win at online dating, it can be easy for players to be overwhelmed by the number of choices available or be buried under an avalanche of competitors.

    Online Dating Magazine estimates that more than 20 million people a month visit online dating websites. If you’re looking for love online, you have to find a way to rise above the pack and make your dating profile stand out when site visitors start scrolling through page after page of dating profiles. To win at online dating, you have to bring your A game; nothing less will do!

    The first step is to take control of your online presence; that is, your dating profile and dating headshot. The basic fill-in-the-blank profile form provided on your online dating site isn’t going to cut it. Neither is uploading a casual picture of yourself hanging with your crew this summer. You’re not trying to sell your dumpy sofa on Craigslist; you’re trying to sell yourself!

    In effect, you are creating a new brand – YOU – and launching a marketing campaign to sell yourself to a select group of quality customers, people who are interested in YOU. It’s time to pull out all the stops to win at online dating. After all, you’re a premium product worthy of a high-caliber professional marketing campaign. Remember, you’re playing for high stakes, the opportunity to meet someone very special, someone you can begin a relationship with that might (hopefully) lead to happily ever after. With so much at stake, you need to take the development of your online dating profile and dating headshot seriously. This isn’t some crazy lark. This is your future we’re talking about. And it’s a job for the pros.

    When you launch a new product, you call in professionals to make sure the launch goes perfectly. Launching yourself on an online dating service should be no different. Your “product” launch will only be as strong as your support team. Enlist a professional dating profile service to create a polished dating profile that captures the real you and is fun to read. Engage a professional photographer to ensure that your dating headshot and profile photos are clear and crisp and show you at your best. Enable yourself to win at online dating with a great online dating profile.  Aren’t you worth it?

  • Online Dating Service

    Is Your Online Dating Service Screwing You?

    An online dating service make finding your perfect someone online sound so fast and easy.

    They brag about how many people they’ve matched up. They tease you with quotes from satisfied members who claim to have received dozens of date offers and found their special someone online. They post enticing statistics about the number of members that belong to their dating service. They promise that scores of these people live or work just down the street from where you live. They let you scan through page after page of hunky guys and gorgeous gals, leading you to believe that these folks are just sitting around, eagerly waiting to hear from you.

    The Minute You Type in Your Credit Card Number and Join an Online Dating Website, The Fantasy Starts to Unravel

    You look at all of this. You browse through the website and read the promotional come-ons. And you think, “This sounds great! How can I possibly lose?” But the minute you type in your credit card number and join an online dating website, the fantasy starts to unravel. The potential dates you try to contact never respond. The first one or two times this happens, you figure maybe the person is away on vacation or a business trip. So you try again – and get the same result. Spiders start spinning webs in your inbox. “Has the whole planet gone on vacation?” you wonder.

    60% of Dating Profiles are Either Inactive or Faked

    This is the online dating experience they don’t tell you about in those slick TV ads of happy couples. Your hopes crushed, you eventually have to face the music. After hopefully forking over pricey fees month after month, your online dating service is screwing you! And you are not alone. In January 2011, dissatisfied Match.com users filed a federal class action lawsuit against the well-known online dating service. In their suit, dating site users claimed that 60% of the dating profiles on Match.com were either inactive or faked.  It’s hard to connect with someone who’s not there!  Unfortunately, Match.com hasn’t changed their ways.  In November 2013 Yuliana Avalos, a mother and part-time model, brought a suit against Match.com for $1.5 Billion, because she claims that her pictures were used in hundreds of fake profiles on Match.com without her consent.  No wonder online dating is so frustrating.


  • Online Dating Privacy-> What are Dating Sites Doing to Protect You?

    Do online dating companies really want you to find online dating success? Do they care about your online dating privacy?

    When the Canadian government decided to investigate the policies of a well-known online dating website after a Canadian woman complained that her profile was not erased as she requested, the dating site defended this by saying that “40 percent of its members reactivate within a two-year period.”  privacy is a major concern with online dating websites, online dating privacyThe woman whose complaint sparked the inquiry contacted the Office of the Privacy Commissioner of Canada. While this Office did have some suggestions for as to how the dating site could do a better job handling its customer’s private information, they concluded that after the site made some adjustments, the site was acting within the boundaries of Canadian privacy law.  The report from the Canadian government does not say whether or not the woman wanted to delete her account and private information because she had found what she was looking for on the site.

    However, this raises another question: Do online dating sites really want you to succeed? That means you’ll stop paying for your subscriptions and they have to find someone else to take your place. This particular dating site claims that they retain customer information for the convenience of subscribers to the service–if your account lapses, it is very convenient for you to sign up again because they can just pull up the information you already entered. But is this really for your convenience or theirs?

    In some ways, aren’t they saying that they don’t think you will find lasting love? They are counting on you to be one of the 40 percent who returns and pays again to be a part of their dating pool. After all, the report from the Canadian government notes that, “the online dating industry’s revenues have been estimated at between $3 billion to $4 billion a year worldwide.

    Beat them at their own game with a well-written profile and eye catching online dating photos that get you noticed and increase your chances of meeting someone special.

    top ten online dating mistakes

  • Questions You Should Ask Before Joining an Online Dating Site

    Most people know someone who has found the love of their life on an online dating site. You probably also know at least one and probably several people who have had a bad experience with online dating. There are many reputable online dating sites on the internet, but there are also some unscrupulous operators out there that care more about collecting your monthly membership fee than making sure you have a date for Saturday night.

    Online dating controversyWe’ve been discussing some of the complaints people have with online dating sites and how daters can spot and protect themselves against predatory sites. If you’re new to online dating, it can be hard to tell the good guys from the crooks. Consumer protection agencies say the best way to protect yourself is to be a proactive consumer and take steps to prevent problems before they occur. It’s like your grandmother used to say, “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.”

    Before giving your personal information to an online dating site or signing a contract, review the Better Business Bureau’s Reliability Report on the dating service at www.bbb.org. Consumer advocates recommend asking these questions when you interview an online dating service:

    1. What is your minimum enrollment period?
    2. What is the monthly fee? Is there an additional membership fee or any fees for other services?
    3. Once it’s posted, can I update my online dating profile and dating headshot? How do I do this and is there a charge or limit to the number of revisions that can be made?
    4. What is your cancellation procedure and how do I stop monthly deductions if I cancel?
    5. If I am dissatisfied with your service, what can I do?
    6. Ask for contact information for 3 or 4 current members in your area. Contact them and ask about their experiences with the dating service.
  • Do Photos Make or Break Your Dating Opportunities?

    At your next office party or family gathering, ask how many of those in attendance are using online dating services. Chances are that a few of the 40 million people in the U.S. who have tried this service are at your event. Online dating success has come a long way, as according to the Pew Research Center 1 in 10 relationships in the past decade started out online. Yet, one of the constant criticisms of an online dating profile is the photos, or the lack thereof. In order to move from the maybe-folder to the high-probability-of-a-strong-compatibility, consider these online dating tips regarding dating site photos.Online Dating Photo

    The Good, the Bad and the Ugly

    Photos tell a visual story with potential dates. These images are often the first thing that someone will scan on online dating sites. Profiles that are photo-free are almost always filtered out. After all, choosing someone to date from online dating services already puts you in a position of vulnerability. While a photo could quite possibility be a fake, not having a photo at all indicates major issues including:

    • Inability to conform to social expectations
    • Lack of interest in the online dating profile
    • Lack of commitment to online dating and otherwise
    • Insecurity and/or social phobias
    • Lack of confidence in online dating services and otherwise

    Make the Most of It

    Now that you’ve determined a photo is a must-have, consider these online dating tips in determining how to make the most of your profile image. Old photos from your high school days, and not from your 15 year reunion, are wrong for dating profiles. You should also avoid using the same standby photo for months and months, and months. Date stamped photos that tell the time of your snapshots are a classic no-no.

    Save the time to discuss your cars, kids, smoking habits or serious hobbies until later on in the relationship rather than including these in your profile photos. Other red flags are images at awkward angles, such as the bird’s eye view, that hide double chins and other unsightly body aspects some individuals feel the need to hide. For everyone out there there is someone who will appreciate you for exactly who you are, so no need to hide your body issues in your profile photo. Honesty remains the best policy in online dating services.

    Leave it to the Professionals

    Rather than depending on your selfies or roomies to provide you with profile photos for online dating services, seek out professional help. Have a photo session with OnlineProfilePros. While most professional photo services will offer you a choice of two or possibly three shots to use for your photos, OnlineProfilePros gives you 50 to 100 images. That means you’ll not only have a professionally polished photo for your online dating profile when you initially sign up for a service, but you’ll be prepared to change your profile photo on a regular schedule. Fifty to 100 photos gives you plenty of options while offering an enormous range of styles and settings that are sure to fit your many moods. Schedule an appointment with OnlineProfilePros in which you’ll receive your very own professional photo shoot. Do it today so you can make your dating site profile as authentic and well designed as possible.