• Guest Blog: Holiday Dating Do’s and Dont’s

    Do you get the winter dating blues? Apparently the change of seasons makes single people less motivated to date in the winter, because they feel left out and they would rather stay at home and stay warm indoors. Singles also tend to put a hold on their dating lives during the holidays, since they need to balance the time between spending time with family and friends. Just because it is the holiday season, it does not give you an excuse to give up on dating! To motivate all those singles out there, here is a list of do’s and dont’s for dating during the Holiday Dating Adviceholidays:

    Do exchange gifts with your date.

    Even if you have only been on a first date with your love interest and you don’t know the person very well, Christmas is a time of giving and receiving, therefore it is important to give a gift to your date. You don’t have to spend a fortune on the gift, since it is the thought that counts. If you have no idea what present to get for your date, gift card certificates are always a popular choice, because they can pick out anything they want at a given shop.

    Do not troll for guys on chat sites.

    Due to the cold weather outside, you are probably spending a lot more time indoors than usual. Everyone gets lonely from time to time, but it is never a good idea to troll for single guys online on sites like this website. Most of the time single people just end up feeling disappointed and even disgusted, since there are a lot of creeps and perverts out there who like to flash their private parts at strangers.

    Do attend your love interest’s holiday party.

    If your love interest invites you to a holiday party, it shows that he/she wants to spend time with you despite the busy holiday season, so make sure you show that you are interested by attending the holiday party. However, make sure you get the details of the party so that you can plan accordingly, such as dressing appropriately and how to behave in front of his coworkers or friends. However, if you are still at the beginning of the relationship, it is better to avoid excessive PDA, since that makes everyone uncomfortable at a party.

    Do not rekindle the spark with an Ex.

    During those cold lonely winter nights in bed, you might start thinking about your past relationships and start missing the good times you had with an ex. However, under no circumstances should you get back together with an ex. There is a reason why it didn’t work out and you broke up in the first place – even if both of you have changed and you are both in better places now, rekindling the romance with an ex is never a good idea during the holiday season.

    Do talk to new people and be social at parties.

    Even if you are single during the holidays, this is the time to meet new people and potential love interests! Since everyone will be out and about celebrating the holidays, you should avoid staying at home and instead attend all kinds of social events to mingle with people. The only way to get out of a dating rut is to meet new people, so get out of that snuggie, doll up, have fun and socialize at parties!

    Guest Blogger: Aurora Wah- Aurora is a young professional writer specializing in Dating and Relationships. Due to her academic background in Sociology, she has developed an interest in exploring the different types of relationships that exist in modern society. As a full-time web marketing executive and web editor in her day job, she keeps up to date with news on dating and relationships.