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    How to Date on Facebook: 10 Ways to Find the Love of Your Life

    When you’re young, a school or college environment makes it easy to meet new people for friendships and relationships alike. One aspect of adulthood no one prepares you for, though, is how much this changes in your 20s.

    That’s why more and more people are using their computers to meet new dates instead. In fact, nearly 1 in 5 engaged or recently married couples met online last year.

    You don’t have to sign up for every dating site around, either. Social networks like Facebook are great ways to meet dates and spark romances. There’s a right way and a wrong way to do it, though. That’s why our experts have put together some tips on how to date on Facebook.

    How to Date on Facebook: 10 Easy Tips

    Successfully dating on Facebook takes some prep work, and these tips can help you get started.

    1. Update Your Profile Often

    If you haven’t updated your Facebook profile since 2012, chances are that it’s no longer a reflection of your personal brand. Keeping your town of residence, occupation, interests, and other categories up to date can help potential dates recognize that you have common interests.

    2. Make Your Profile Photo an Eye-Catcher

    Sure, your photo is technically part of your profile, but this is so important that it deserves its own spot on the list. While your profile says a lot about you, the first things people see on Facebook are your name and your photo.

    Your online profile photo should be flattering and should show off your style. Above all, though, it needs to be accurate. You might get more dates with a picture from 20 years ago, but those dates probably won’t lead to a relationship because you started it with dishonesty.

    A professional profile photographer, though, can produce a picture that’s flattering to the way you honestly look.

    3. Take Advantage of the Digital Divide

    One of the most intimidating parts of dating in person is the fear of saying the wrong thing. Sometimes words just come out incorrectly.

    In online dating, on the other hand, you have the advantage of being able to think before you send a message. Take as much time as you need to re-read it, think about how it will sound from his/her perspective, and correct if necessary.

    4. Join Groups

    Look for Facebook groups that speak to your interests, like a group dedicated to a particular type of music or a group for hikers. This is a great way to meet people who already share your interests, paving the way for a fun and lasting relationship.

    5. Check Out “People You May Know”

    Facebook’s “People You May Know” feature can be your best friend when it comes to online dating. Some people are uncomfortable when they get a friend request from someone they have no connection to, so if you have a mutual friend, it’s a great conversational gateway.

    As a bonus, you can ask your mutual friend about the person you’re interested in before you actually send him/her a friend request.

    The mutual friend can tell you, first of all, if you’re interested in a real person (we’ve all heard or even experienced a “catfishing” story). They can also tell you a bit about the person you’re interested in, and give you their opinion about why it may or may not be a good match.

    6. Get to Know His/Her Profile, But With Caution

    Just like the tips above led you to put thought into your Facebook profile, the person you’re interested in has probably done the same. Check out the profile to get to know him/her better and to find out if you have common interests and compatibility.

    However, it’s easy to take this too far. If you find yourself scrolling through status updates from eight years ago and every comment he/she has posted since then, you need to take a step back.

    7. Catch Up with People from Your Past

    Sometimes the best people to date are people you’ve already known in the past. Think back on past flames that fizzled out or just friends and acquaintances in whom you saw potential.

    Remember, when you’re approaching someone you haven’t seen in a long time, that social media profile photo is even more critical.

    8. Remember That Your Posts are Public

    This sounds simple, but it happens more often than you’d think. People indulge in the unfortunate world of Facebook insult battles, then wonder why they can’t find dates online.

    Before you post anything, ask yourself, “Is this something I’d say in front of a person I wanted to date?” In reality, potential dates can see what you’ve posted, so pause to think about how your post could affect your image.

    This isn’t to say you shouldn’t feel free to be yourself, but you should strive to be the best version of yourself you can be, and that means keeping compassion in your words.

    9. Use Facebook As a Post-Date Follow-Up

    Facebook has far more uses in the dating world than an initial meet-up. It can also be a casual and fun way to keep in touch between dates. For example, the day or two after your date, send him/her a message about what a great time you had.

    10. Make it “Facebook Official”

    Everyone talks about the negative effect social media has had on personal communication, but did you know Facebook can help your relationship?

    After you’ve been dating for some time and you’re ready to add a layer of commitment, making the relationship “Facebook official” can be the perfect next step. Just make sure you’re both on the same page about it first.

    Online Dating in the Social Media Era

    As popular as dedicated online dating sites are, people are already spending massive amounts of time on social media, so this can be a perfect dating tool. From mastering your profile picture to following up after a date, the tips above can help you make the most of technology in your search for The One.

    For more tips about how to date on Facebook and how to make all of your online profiles reflect your personality, check out our professional profile photo blog. If you’re looking for professional pictures for your online profile, be sure to book our services today.

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    Date Night Ideas: A Great Date from Start to Finish

    Forget dinner and a movie date night. Drinks at the bar? That’s out of the question, too. There are dozens of alternatives to these old-school date nights. Want to impress a new date? Worried you’ve been out of the game too long? Try this fresh approach to date night.

    Pre-Date Night

    It’s time to get your act together. Those old jeans and beat-up tee will not do. Get yourself to the mall and pick out some new duds. Don’t go overboard; a casual button down and designer denim will do. Complete the outfit with a sharp-looking watch. After you’ve given yourself a mini-makeover, it’s time to get groomed. Head to your local barber or The Art of Shaving to transform your look from scruff to up-to-snuff. If you look good, you feel good.

    At Her Doorstep

    This is your chance to make a winning first impression. Check your breath, your hair and your fly. Failure to do so could lead to some awkward moments. Surprise your date with a bouquet of fresh flowers. Opt for a garden variety rather than roses; this is a first date, not a proposal. If you know next to nothing about flowers but can navigate the web, get online and check out some flower companies. You can get a bouquet delivered, the same day as your date in some cases, and take them with you to surprise your date. Be a gentleman and be courteous. Whether you’re taking your own car or catching an Uber, escort her to the car and open to door. Manners make the man and chivalry is not dead.

    Date Night Ideas for Every Guy

    The Adventure Lover: Instead of jumping from planes, mountain biking or surfing, tone down your wild and adventurous side and take your date kayaking. Although you might be tempted to hit some whitewater, your date might not be up for it. Check ahead and make sure she’s cool with getting wet.

    The Guy with a Soft Side: Love the arts? Take a tour of a local museum and discuss the art and the exhibits you see during your date. Make sure that she shares the same interests, or you might bore her to tears and there won’t be a second date.

    The Shy One: If public speaking makes you sweat and small talk isn’t your thing, consider taking your date to a comedy show. It’s not as overdone as going to a movie, but look at is this way, you won’t have to do a lot of talking. Plus, you can loosen up with a few drinks during the show.

    The Rules of Waiting

    The rules are… there are no rules. Sure, self-proclaimed “dating experts” may claim that you have to wait “x” amount of days before you text your date after your initial meeting. Today, there are no rules. And, can you really trust an “expert” on dating? Doesn’t that defeat the purpose of dating all together? Something’s not right here… Reach out to your date when it feels right to you, with a text a call, whatever.

    The Second Date

    For the second date, you’re going to have to be a little more creative. And do not repeat exactly what you did on your first date. If she shares your love of the outdoors and you went kayaking the first go-around, go hiking instead. If you toured a museum during your first meeting, check out a botanical garden for the second date. If you picked out the first date all by yourself, bravo, but for the second date pick her brain and see if she has any fresh date ideas.

    Do you have any date night ideas?  Let us know in the comments below.

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    Dating after Divorce- Tips for Post Divorce Dating

    Dating after divorce can be difficult.  CNN.com has given tips to people referred to as “gray divorcees.” Gray divorcees are people who have divorced after the age of 50. The news outlet offered online dating tips for people who may have made their last foray into the dating world at a time when dating was much more formal. Older daters may be used to being set up or meeting people at school dances or other community events that they do not attend anymore. After having spent years with the same person, you are not used to having to think about getting to know new people with romance as the aim. For people who are not used to looking for love online, this can be quite an adjustment.

    Your transition into the world of dating after divorce, and many years of being married, may also be an adjustment for your children.

    If you haven’t dated since before you became a parent, your children may be skeptical. One expert gave the parents of adult children the same advice that is often given to the parents of young children:

    “Many gray divorcees have older children who can’t — or don’t want to — picture their parents on dates. When and how to break the news depends on the age and maturity level of the children. ‘Don’t tell the children until it becomes significant,’ Praver [a clinical psychologist] advises.”

    Older daters also have to think about what to call a significant other. Of course this is a minor concern since finding and connecting with someone is really the major hurdle. Some mature daters aren’t crazy about terms “boyfriend” or “girlfriend”. One woman told CNN that she refers to the man she is dating as her “love slave” but noted that this was not something she planned to share with her sons.

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    Being Precise Can Lead to Online Dating Success

    Whether you are about to jump into online dating or you regularly keep an online dating profile up on several sites, it helps to hear from people with positive experiences and online dating success. In “How I Found a Boyfriend By Online Dating,” Jessica Wakeman gives advice to help people who are looking for companionship online. Wakeman met her current boyfriend online and prior to meeting this man, she had exclusive relationships with other men she’d met online.

    Wakeman took a step that some women would not to achieve online dating success: She posted an online dating photo of herself with no makeup. She decided to do this after a man told her that men assume that the photo where a woman looks “least “done up”” is the one that shows what she really looks like. So Wakeman posted one photo that she honestly identified as showing herself without makeup along with other photos of herself.

    Overall, she writes, “I put a lot of thought into writing my profile and it showed.” You might not want to follow Wakeman’s advice exactly, but she does give some good food for thought. Here are some of the other tips that Wakeman shared:

    Know what you want. Wakeman decided she would be very honest in her profile because she didn’t want to waste her time with people who didn’t have the qualities she was looking for.

    Be unapologetic about what you want. Wakeman had no qualms about not answering inquiries from online daters who obviously didn’t have the qualities she wanted. And she was polite in the way that she refused online daters who responded to her profile saying that they met most but not all of her requirements.

    Know what you don’t want. Since Wakeman was clear on what she wanted, she was able to consider people who fit those requirements, but also had interests and backgrounds that were new to her. Once someone met her requirements, so was fine with going on dates with people whose hobbies were new to her.

    Online dating success stories vary, so what’s your online dating success story?  Let us know in the comments.

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    17 Ways to Flirt With a Girl at a Bar


    “17 ways for you to get her attention, required reading”.

    Sourced through Scoop.it from: www.thrillist.com

    Remember that show in the 70s and 80s called ” Happy Days? Henry Winkler made the character Fonzie a household name and he became the patron saint of of the perfect pickup artist. I remember his method was to stand next to then Jukebox simply staring at the prettiest girl in the room until she walk over to him took him by the hand and out the door they went to who knows where and what hijinks in sued. Unfortunately,  these simpler times have changed and meeting Women in  bars can be a little bit more complicated. To that end we have 17 ways for you to flirt with that hot girl on the other side of the bar without coming off desperate, needy or God forbid creepy! First of these is very easy, you are not Fonzie, so no staring. The rest of these are pretty self-explanatory but make great sense. For instance it’s always a good thing to treat the woman’s friends well by offering to buy them drinks or engaging in conversation as well. Trying to “Cull her from the herd” as they say in Texas is never a good idea. One of the surprising suggestions was to ask the bartender to actually introduce you to the woman. Is brilliantly simple overlooked solution to getting an introduction!

    This list goes on to rate many of the tactics so called pick up artist (PUAs) use to get Women to leave with them from the bar. So here’s the curated list and other suggestions from women themselves on the best ways to get their attention while you’re out with your buddies drinking at the hottest bar. Let us know what you think and make suggestions on more studies you’d like to see on the best ways to have dating success while flirting.

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    Dating Deal Breakers: the Top 4 Turn-offs for Women

    The dating world is tough and you want to put your best foot forward. Certain types of behavior are universal turn-offs/ Dating Deal Breakers for women, as there are certain trivial habits that will be seen as incredibly unattractive. Here are some of the most common dating deal-breakers for women and ways you can fix these undesirable traits.


    A career is an indication of someone who has motivation, ambition, drive and long-term goals. It isn’t necessary that you are the top lawyer at your firm or you are the most sought-after computer programmer in the country. Drive and passion are the key. Whether you work in food service or are working toward a degree, be ambitious. Unemployment is the least desirable job status, as it is indicative of a lack of responsibility. If you are jobless, increase your desirability, and take one step closer to the discovery of your future career on websites like Monster, Poached or Indeed.

    Bad Credit

    Poor credit indicates a lack of responsibility and negligence toward future prosperity. Make sure your credit score won’t inhibit your desirability as a future partner. Poor credit can keep you from rental cars, home loans and other financial investments. An ideal credit score is around 760; that score will get you the best rates and highest credit limits. Check your credit score through your credit card company, or at FreeCreditScore.com. However, make sure you are responsible when you research and share your personal financial information, especially online. Use identity theft prevention services, like LifeLock, for the assurance that your valuable, personal information will be kept private and safe.

    Poor Hygiene

    Don’t arrive at your date with greasy hair, foul body odor and stained clothes. Bad hygiene indicates you don’t care much about your health or well-being. Shower daily and wash your hair at least every other day. An antibacterial soap, like Dial for Men Antibacterial Odor Protection, can help fight against the body odor is caused by a buildup of bacteria from your sweat. Use deodorant and colognes that will enhance your manly musk — though, be careful you don’t apply too much. Remove stains from your clothing with the help of the American Cleaning Institute’s guide for stain removal, which provides tips that will make your clothes look fresh and new. If your clothes have stains that you can’t remove, donate or dispose them.

    Bad Manners

    Rude behavior and not being considerate are major turn-offs. Make sure you mind your “p’s and q’s” and use the manners that your parents taught you. When at a restaurant, graciously thank the servers who provide you with your dining experience, regardless of whether they meet your particular service standards. A display of gratitude toward others will increase your attractiveness tenfold, in the eyes of the woman you hope to impress. Etiquette standards vary within cultures and among individuals — find a written guide that can help you establish what basic niceties are necessary. The following books are helpful guides to cultivate exceptional manners: “50 Things Every Young Gentleman Should Know,” “Essential Manners for Men” and “From Clueless to Class Act: Manners for the Modern Man.”

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    The Desperate Dater- Part 2

    ….Continued from last week.  Here are more things to watch for and RUN if they happen to you:

    Your date starts sentences with “Well, actually…”

    Nobody likes a know-it-all or to be made to feel inferior. Almost anytime a sentence is started with “Well, actually”, the speaker is refuting what the other person in the conversation has said.  We all know excitable people who refuse to ever be proved wrong and will vehemently defend the correctness of their position to a point of fault. Many people are susceptible to this when discussing topics they are passionate about.  If someone falls into the category of needing to always assert how right they are – especially over pedantic issues – they are probably not going to change anytime soon. It’s a deal breaker and you need to move on.

    Your date consistently pays more attention to their phone than to you

    If your date spends more time staring at their phone than engaging with you, this is a big deal breaker. Some people fiddle with their phones out of nervousness but this type of behavior suggests they are not really present in your conversation and their mind is elsewhere. Compulsive texting during a date is also in poor form.  This deal breaker applies not just prospective romantic partners, but all type of relationships. We’ve probably all done it at one point or another but ignoring a person right in front of you for what’s on your phone is selfish and inconsiderate.  Some workaholics are particularly guilty of being hyper-connected to the point of excess. This type of anti-social deal breaking behavior also can extend into more extreme versions such as avoiding face-to-face human interaction for Internet usage.

    Do any of these deal breakers sound familiar?

    You do not have to put up with being treated this way. Tell the other party why you found their behavior to be inexcusable and end the date.  Don’t waste your time on dates with people who act in these ways, because like the saying goes: there are plenty of fish in the sea.  Have you experienced any of these deal-breaking behaviors on dates before? How did you react? Do you have other strict deal breakers for geek dating? As always, leave your comments below – we want to know what you think.

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    The Desperate Dater- Don’t Be One and Don’t Date One.

    In the kindest and gentlest way possible I need to tell you something: do not be a desperate dater. Assert yourself and know that you deserve to be treated well. In short, know what your relationship deal breakers are and refuse to tolerate poor behavior.  Now, to clarify this a bit more. A deal breaker is an action or behavior that cannot be overlooked in a romantic partnership. It outweighs any other redeeming qualities the person may exhibit.

    I’m not talking about nitpicking trivial things, but instead refusing to settle on issues that point to a fundamental incompatibility between prospective partners.  There are so many fantastic people who date less-than-ideal partners out of fear that a better match won’t come along.  Most people could probably agree issues like criminal activity, violence, extreme rudeness, being excessively cheap, lying etc. are fairly universal deal breakers in the general dating pool. Many other deal breakers are personal, based on past dating experience.  If someone exhibits any of these, it’s time to move on because there is a better match out there for you!  Some of these points may seem trivial at first, but in actuality signal larger and more consequential issues within a potential relationship. Here are a few red flags to watch out for:

    Not respecting your interests

    Like many things in life, to each their own applies, as long as a particular interest isn’t hurting others, it’s all good.  If you’re dating someone who doesn’t share your particular interest and he or she mocks or belittles you for it, that’s a form of put-down. That type of behavior is inexcusable.  Romantic partners don’t have to share all of the same interests, but at the bare minimum, they should respect tastes differ from their own.  Trying to change you or dissuade you from your ways is a deal breaker. Imposing a value judgment on a certain interest as lesser or greater than others (namely theirs over your own) is also a reason to walk.

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  • Suddenly Single? Tips for Getting Back into Dating Pool

    If you’re newly divorced, recently separated or are coming off a long-term relationship that went sour, jumping back into dating can feel like diving into a shark tank. If you haven’t played the field for 5, 10 or 20 years, taking that first plunge back into the dating pool can be a shock to the system – terrifying, exciting and a little intimidating. The dating landscape has changed significantly over the past decade. Stepping back into the dating scene after an absence is going to feel like walking onto an alien planet. Nobody does the bar scene or fix-ups anymore. Dating action has moved onto internet dating sites and social media networks.Getting back into the Game Online Profile Pros

    If you’re suddenly single, you’ll find that dating rules have changed too. You no longer have to rely on chance meetings or your friends’ sketchy matchmaking skills to find a date. Today, you simply sign up for an online dating service where computers compare your likes and dislikes to those of thousands of other singles and spit out a list of “perfect matches.” At least that’s the promise. The reality isn’t quite that simple or “perfect;” but online dating sites are selling the dream, not the reality. Despite their commercials and come-ons, internet dating sites are in it for the money, not love.

    Unfortunately, people who are struggling to recover from a broken relationship don’t consider this. They’re lonely, hurt and running low on self-esteem. They want the dream! But ignoring the realities of online dating dooms you to frustration and disappointment until you figure out how the system really works. Fortunately, there’s no need to reinvent the wheel. If you’re new to online dating, you can profit from the experiences (mistakes) of other online daters. It also pays to remember that despite the problems associated with online dating services, they can and often do work. Good or bad, online dating sites are where dating couples meet today. It is true that 1 in 5 people meet online. Your next special someone could be waiting for you in cyber space. Just don’t let the dream blind you to the reality.

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  • Dating After 60- Getting Back in the Game

    How do you get back into dating after 60?  Not all of the people cruising online dating sites are over-worked young professionals with little time or opportunity to meet people they might like to ask out. A fair number of older daters who left their 20s behind decades ago are getting back into the dating game. The Baby Boomer generation – 78 million strong — is looking for love and they’re looking online!

    Death of a spouse, divorce or their workaholic ways may have left many Boomers single as they head into their Golden Years; but they’re still active, energetic and as interested in love as they were back in the ’60s over 60 datingwhen everything was groovy. For Boomers, 60 is the new 40! Online dating has become so popular with the gray-haired set that online dating sites have begun popping up that cater only to older adults. Older daters are appreciative. One of the biggest complaints +60 daters make about online dating sites is that they generally attract a younger crowd, making it more difficult for older folks to connect with people who share their experiences and interests. Specialized dating sites for seniors solve the problem.

    Sociologists say senior daters are looking for different qualities in a date than their younger counterparts. Where younger daters place major emphasis on appearance, older daters are more interested in health and financial independence. For daters nearing or past retirement, looks are less important than qualities that are more likely to impact lifestyle and quality of life. Older male daters are looking for women who are financially self-sufficient. Financial security is somewhat less important to older female daters, many of whom are already financially comfortable. Women are most concerned about health; they not interested in becoming someone’s full-time caregiver.


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