• A Great Headshot Increases Online Dating Performance

    You may not be able to judge a book by its cover; but if the cover isn’t attractive, you won’t open the book! That’s the consensus of study after study. Research shows that people are drawn to attractive people. The attraction appears to be instinctive, rather than learned. When babies were shown pictures of attractive women and plain women, the photos of attractive women elicited a more animated response. The perception that attractive people are more socially popular, get more dates, move up the corporate ladder more quickly, and generally have an easier time in life is more fact than fiction.

    woman_readingWhile that’s great news if you are fortunate enough to have been blessed with the “beauty gene,” it’s a little disappointing for the rest of us who are saddled with “average” looks. In the online dating world where you’re primarily judged by your photo, average looks can be a downright handicap. Be honest with yourself; when you’re browsing through dating headshots on an online dating site, how many times have you opened the dating profile of someone with an unattractive profile photo? It’s the men and women with attractive, professional online dating photos who get the most hits.

    Attractive people benefit from what statisticians call the “halo effect.” Research has shown that people have a tendency to attribute positive traits and behaviors to someone who has made a positive first impression, even if subsequent events prove their judgment wrong. When people view an attractive photo on an online dating site, it predisposes them to assume other nice things about that person. That’s the power of a great dating headshot; it creates a positive first impression that makes you seem imminently more datable.

    Now here’s the good news. With the help of a professional photographer experienced in creating flattering dating headshots, you can join the attractive crowd and improve your online dating opportunities. So, what are you waiting for?