• How to Get a Dating Headshot that Will Get You Noticed

    On online dating websites, your dating headshot makes that all-important first contact with people scanning the listings in search of that special someone. Everything hangs on that glossy colored rectangle. Make a great first impression with a fabulous dating profile photo and date requests will crowd your mailbox. Post a ho-hum photo or one that’s a little too dark or slightly out-of-focus and the only thing you’ll find in your mailbox will be the digital equivalent of dust and dead spiders.

    photo_shootFirst impressions count! Everything starts with your dating headshot. If your profile picture doesn’t “POP!” no one is going to bother opening and reading your dating profile. If you’re serious about dating, the smartest thing you can do is spend a little change on a professional photographer and get some incredible dating profile photos.

    And put away those cheapskate thoughts. Even a friend who always brings back great vacation pics is not in the same league as a professional photographer. Be smart and go with a pro. Check online for very affordable photo packages and great sales. Professional photographers say portraits are the hardest photos to get right. Lighting and camera angles have to be just right to capture the face without too much shadow or glare. Perfect staging is required to make the individual look completely natural. Professional photography is an art form; let the artist work his magic!

    Every artist requires a good subject and it’s up to you to meet the challenge. If you want your dating headshot to stand out, follow these tips:

    1. Discuss what you want with the photographer and be open to suggestions.
    2. Practice poses and expressions in front of a mirror at home.
    3. Do not drink alcohol, take any drugs or smoke immediately before your shoot.
    4. Make sure you get plenty of rest and drink lots of water so you look refreshed.