• Flirtexting Adds Element of Fun to Mobile Dating

    The U.S. is going mobile, tweaking the dating game yet again. There are more than 50 million smartphone subscribers in the U.S., giving “legs” to online dating sites. With a smartphone you can access online dating sites while you’re on the go. Update your dating profile while you’re riding to work on the bus or train. Respond to dating emails while you’re eating lunch. Check out new dating profiles while you’re watching the game. Dating apps specifically designed for mobile dating are even starting to crop up in the app store.

    Texting and Dating Nearly two-thirds of the people who own smartphones text regularly. Even those people who haven’t upgraded their cells to smartphones are spending more time texting than they are talking. Texting has become so prevalent and popular that it’s now common and acceptable, not to mention convenient, to make dating arrangements via text. Keep in mind that texting is more appropriate after a relationship has entered the comfortably casual phase (at least 3 or more dates into the relationship). At the beginning of a relationship, you still need the personal touch of voice-to-voice communication to establish a connection. Once you’re both comfortable with each other, texting can be a convenient way to make and confirm plans, but you can also use texts to do a little flirting with each other.

    Flirtexting (flirting via text messaging) is a fun way to stay in touch during the day, share little snippets of your day with each other and indulge your playful side. You can get into a little trouble with flirtexting if you’re not careful. Flirtexts have to stand on their own. If your text is misunderstood, you’re won’t be there to explain so it’s best to keep flirty texts simple and light in tone.

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