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    Is Tweeting Ruining Your Love Life?

    Apparently messages aren’t the only thing that are short on Twitter. Twitter users also have shorter romantic relationships than other daters, according to recently published dating trend statistics compiled by online dating site OKCupid. An analysis of more than 800,000 OKCupid users found that the more you tweet, the shorter your romantic attention span.

    According to the survey, 18-year-olds who were heavy tweeters shortened the length of their romantic relationships — which typically last 9 months at age 18 — by 2 full weeks. And the problem appears to become more pronounced with age. Daters over the age of 50, whose romantic relationships last an average 17 months, called it quits 2 months sooner if they were frequent tweeters.

    The question is why? Tweeting like texting helps people stay in touch, so why does frequent tweeting appear to throw a wet blanket over a budding romance? Perhaps absence does make the heart grow fonder. People who share their every thought with their date may be revealing too much too soon. A certain amount of mystery helps kindle romance and keep the flame of passion burning. Part of the fun of building a relationship is finding out about each other gradually. The surprise of discovering a common interest or seeing an admirable trait in your partner is part of the relationship building process that tightens the bond between two people.

    If the person you’re dating bombards you with tweet after tweet, you can start to feel shell-shocked by too much information too fast and often way too soon. Some quirks and annoying habits are best uncovered after the relationship is on solid footing and you’re prepared to overlook the bad (or annoying) because you see the good in your partner.

    Like so many things in life, a little goes a long way. An occasional tweet can be sweet and push a relationship along; but if you can’t control your tweeting, you’ll be kissing your date goodbye a lot sooner than you hoped.