• Online Dating Conversation Starters

    Guaranteed Online Dating Conversation Starters

    Online dating conversation starters may seem contrived or disingenuous, but it’s all in the way you do it.

    Once in a while you meet someone you just click with and the conversation is effortless. You find yourselves talking about everything and anything for hours without effort. If your friends ask you about your new online special someone, you’re often surprised that you know little about where he or she grew up, what they does for a living or any of the other boring, practical questions that seem to color early getting-to-know-you dating conversations.  A simple conversation can help you discover a lot about someone like their favorite super hero, the strengths they value, what he or she learned while traveling through Spain or that you share a passion for Asian cuisine. Conversation can reveal a person’s personal values, world views, hopes and dreams, expectations and goals, and the big question: are you compatible? Could you build a relationship together?

    Online dating conversation starters may seem contrived or disingenuous, but it’s all in the way you do it.  The question should come to you easily and naturally, so don’t ask your questions like you’re following a script.  That will be awkward and not elicit the response you want.  We give you a list of some of our tried and true online dating conversation starters, but you can use them in any order, or only ask one.  The great thing about a conversation starter is that it starts the conversation.  Once you ask one of your questions, the conversation will just go from there.  If you ask about his or her favorite movie, they may ask you about yours, etc.  So also be ready to answer back your question if they ask you.

    First you have to get the conversation started (see our previous post on conversation ground rules) and that’s a matter of asking the right questions. When you call your new online crush for the first time or embark on a first date don’t be ordinary, here are our favorite online dating conversation starters:

    • If you were a super hero, what would your super power be?
      • How would you use it?
    • If you could go anywhere in the world, where would you go?
      • What would you do first?
    • What is your favorite movie?
      • What makes it so important to you?
    • Who has been the greatest influence in your life?
      • What did you learn from them?
    • What event has had the biggest impact on your life?
    • What’s your favorite way to spend the weekend?
    • What was your favorite vacation?
      • What made it so great?
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    Are Smartphones Ruining Your Relationships?

    The smartphone is the most personal device we own. More than our keys, wallets or purses, our smartphones are with us at all times. They connect us to our favorite websites, social networks, text messages, email, photos, videos, games and more.

    The smartphone has become the most important tool in our lives, but is humanity’s greatest tool ruining our relationships?

    The hit television series “Black Mirror” is one of the most popular shows in the United Kingdom and a recent success in the U.S. on Netflix. It’s a science-fiction anthology that focuses on what technology and social media does to our society. Maybe your relationship with the phone isn’t so extreme, but for some it does hinder real-world connections.

    If you love your phone, here are a few ways to make it work for your relationships, not against them.

    Exit Your Bubble

    The biggest problem with smartphones is that they put us into a silo. Whether we’re out at dinner with a significant other, at a party or just around friends or family in general, spending time on the phone creates a virtual barrier.

    But you can have it both ways. Instead of burying your face into the blue light, take pictures with friends, share funny videos and memes with them or find other ways to make the phone a social experience. The goal here is to bring others into your silo.

    Respect ‘No Phone’ Time

    It’s fun to share pictures and show funny memes, but there are also times when the phone must stay in the pocket. It doesn’t matter if it’s a first date or 50th wedding anniversary, there are times when pulling out your smartphone and checking social media can ruin the evening. There are three safeguards to resist temptation:

    • Put you phone on silent or “do not disturb” mode so you won’t be tempted by any rings or vibrations.
    • Turn your phone completely off. The need to power on can be enough of a deterrent not to bother.
    • If possible, leave your phone at home.

    Switch to a Passive Device

    Let’s say disconnecting just isn’t an option. A smartwatch can help staying digital less intrusive to your relationship. Devices like the Apple Watch or Samsung Gear S2 smartwatch connect to your smartphone, texts, emails and more to bring notifications right to your wrist. And since the touch screens of smartwatches are small, it’s not a device you pass time with like a smartphone, so there’s less temptation to use it in social settings.

    At the Very Least, No Social Media

    Nine times out of 10 we’re looking through social media when our phones are out. That can be especially off-putting to others because we’re essentially ignoring a real person in front of us to look at digital people. It says to that person, “I know you’re right here, and I’m sort of listening, but I’m actually more interested in this other person on my phone.”

    Be present with the people you’re with and only check your phone if you’re expecting an important call or text. If you do need to take a call while you’re with someone, apologize for the interruption and ask for permission to take it.

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    Your Profile Photo- Why is it So Important?

    There may be a lot of fish in the sea, but you have to use the right bait to hook one. The profile photo you post when you join an online dating service is the “bait” you use to “hook” dates, so choose wisely.

    Let’s face it; online dating is a primarily visual experience. When you’re clicking through online dating profiles, you look at the person’s headshot first. If you like what you see, you click on his or her profile to find out more about the person. Actually, online dating is like dating in any other setting. A person’s appearance is usually the first thing that attracts your attention and kindles a desire to walk across the room and introduce yourself. As you chat, you may discover that you are not as attracted to the person as you were to their appearance; but if appearance hadn’t encouraged you to say hello, you’d never know. You could have missed the opportunity to meet the love of your life!

    Online dating works the same way. You browse through dating headshots, stopping to read the profiles of potential dates whose appearance attracts your attention. If you are as intrigued by a person’s dating profile as you are by their photos, you contact them. Otherwise, you keep browsing. The purpose of your online dating headshot is to catch the attention of other daters so that they’ll take the next step and read your profile.

    You don’t have to look like a Victoria’s Secret model or a Hollywood action star to attract attention on an online dating site. All you need is a dynamite profile photo and a few more great photos that show off your best qualities. The importance of the photos you post with your dating profile makes it worth having your online dating photos taken by a professional photographer. A pro knows how to use lighting, head and body angles, backgrounds, color and props to create the image you want to portray to other daters. To whom would you rather entrust your future romantic happiness – your buddy or a pro?

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    Dating Again- How to Build Confidence

    Confidence is the courage to be who you are, especially when you’re dating again. You must first acknowledge your past and learn from your mistakes if you want to move on with confidence. Don’t beat yourself up for past inadequacies or failures anymore.

    It’s time to encourage yourself to start this new path, be your best coach and teach yourself to be self-confident, especially when dating again.

    When you decide it’s time to start dating again but lack the backbone to go for it, follow these strategies for building confidence and making a good first impression:

    You Have to Start Somewhere

    The big obstacle for dating again is to actually start dating. It’s awkward and uncomfortable whether you’re confident or not. But being single offers a new chance to find exactly what you are looking for. Start by going out with your single friends to get into the groove again.

    If you’re not into going out to bars at this point, online dating is a good way to meet new people without too much pressure. Write an honest (and excellent) profile and add a current photo so you don’t have to worry about covering up any lies. Or, join a club that offers group excursions for singles.

    Make a Good First Impression

    The saying “you have seven seconds to make a first impression” still rings true when it comes to your appearance on a date. A man in a tailored shirt with clean fingernails is going to have a much better chance at making a good impression than one in clothes that don’t fit with nose hairs hanging out.

    Clean yourself up, get a new shirt that fits and have a shave. Get some high-quality hair care products to get rid of damaged hair and roll a hint of perfume or cologne on your neck. These are simple ways to exude confidence.

    Once you are looking good, avoid the awkward silence by arming yourself with topics of conversation for your dates.

    Practice Non-Verbal Cues

    The ways you present and express yourself is through non-verbal communication and it is just as important as verbal cues. For example, bad posture gives the impression that you don’t care about your body and that you aren’t happy with yourself. Feel and convey confidence by:

    • Rolling your shoulders back and standing up straight
    • Having good eye contact
    • Initiating a strong handshake (ladies, this goes for you too!)
    • Keeping the tone of your voice cool
    • Giving your full attention when your date is talking

    Stop Apologizing

    Take inventory of how many times you said sorry today when it wasn’t your place to be apologizing. While it might seem polite or humble to say sorry even when it’s not your fault, it actually conveys weakness. Find out what drives you to say sorry and take steps to overcome that fear.

    If you’re in a situation to apologize, try using thank you instead of sorry. Check out Yao Xiao’s advice that is artistically visualized in her comics:

    • Instead of “Sorry I’m always late,” say, “Thank you for your patience.”
    • Instead of “Sorry I’m rambling,” say, “Thank you for listening.”

    It’s completely normal to lose your self-worth. Remind yourself of the tasks you have accomplished and understand that self-confidence is perpetuated by resilience.   Now get out there and start dating again!

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    Date Night Ideas: A Great Date from Start to Finish

    Forget dinner and a movie date night. Drinks at the bar? That’s out of the question, too. There are dozens of alternatives to these old-school date nights. Want to impress a new date? Worried you’ve been out of the game too long? Try this fresh approach to date night.

    Pre-Date Night

    It’s time to get your act together. Those old jeans and beat-up tee will not do. Get yourself to the mall and pick out some new duds. Don’t go overboard; a casual button down and designer denim will do. Complete the outfit with a sharp-looking watch. After you’ve given yourself a mini-makeover, it’s time to get groomed. Head to your local barber or The Art of Shaving to transform your look from scruff to up-to-snuff. If you look good, you feel good.

    At Her Doorstep

    This is your chance to make a winning first impression. Check your breath, your hair and your fly. Failure to do so could lead to some awkward moments. Surprise your date with a bouquet of fresh flowers. Opt for a garden variety rather than roses; this is a first date, not a proposal. If you know next to nothing about flowers but can navigate the web, get online and check out some flower companies. You can get a bouquet delivered, the same day as your date in some cases, and take them with you to surprise your date. Be a gentleman and be courteous. Whether you’re taking your own car or catching an Uber, escort her to the car and open to door. Manners make the man and chivalry is not dead.

    Date Night Ideas for Every Guy

    The Adventure Lover: Instead of jumping from planes, mountain biking or surfing, tone down your wild and adventurous side and take your date kayaking. Although you might be tempted to hit some whitewater, your date might not be up for it. Check ahead and make sure she’s cool with getting wet.

    The Guy with a Soft Side: Love the arts? Take a tour of a local museum and discuss the art and the exhibits you see during your date. Make sure that she shares the same interests, or you might bore her to tears and there won’t be a second date.

    The Shy One: If public speaking makes you sweat and small talk isn’t your thing, consider taking your date to a comedy show. It’s not as overdone as going to a movie, but look at is this way, you won’t have to do a lot of talking. Plus, you can loosen up with a few drinks during the show.

    The Rules of Waiting

    The rules are… there are no rules. Sure, self-proclaimed “dating experts” may claim that you have to wait “x” amount of days before you text your date after your initial meeting. Today, there are no rules. And, can you really trust an “expert” on dating? Doesn’t that defeat the purpose of dating all together? Something’s not right here… Reach out to your date when it feels right to you, with a text a call, whatever.

    The Second Date

    For the second date, you’re going to have to be a little more creative. And do not repeat exactly what you did on your first date. If she shares your love of the outdoors and you went kayaking the first go-around, go hiking instead. If you toured a museum during your first meeting, check out a botanical garden for the second date. If you picked out the first date all by yourself, bravo, but for the second date pick her brain and see if she has any fresh date ideas.

    Do you have any date night ideas?  Let us know in the comments below.

  • Online Profile Pros featured

    Online Profile Pros in Huffington Post

    Online Profile Pros in Huffington Post article by dating expert, Lisa Copeland, of Find a Quality Man.

    The article called The 15 Best Do’s and Don’ts for Posting Pictures Online covers the Do’s and Don’t of online dating photos.  As you probably guessed, we at Online Profile Pros can discuss that topic for days, so it’s great when an online dating expert reiterates the importance of good photos when online dating.  We’re all visual creatures, so why try and fight it.  In the piece she states:

    DO hire a pro….The advantage of a professional picture is they help you stand out from everyone else on the site. Just make sure the photographer does minimal retouching……If you’re having trouble finding a photographer in your area, I’d recommend checking out Online Profile Pros. They know what they’re doing when it comes to taking the pictures you need to get noticed online.

    As our home page states, “90% of dating coaches recommend professional online dating photos,” and this article is further proof of that fact.  Make sure you’re making the right first impression online with great professional dating photos.  Remember, you can use your new photos for any dating site or app, as well as on LinkedIn and Facebook.  Improve your personal brand online can help you get an edge in online dating as well as your career.

    We also agree with Lisa’s statement about minimal retouching.  Just like you don’t want to misrepresent yourself with a 10 year (or more) high school photo, you don’t want to change the way you look with retouching.  We all know that retouching can do scary things like change your face shape, take 10+ years off your face, but if you do those things the guy or gal you’re meeting probably won’t recognize you.  Once they realize what you’ve done to your photos, they will probably end the date quickly and not ask you for a second one.  Never be dishonest with your photos or written profile.

  • Date Ideas

    8 Summertime Date Ideas to Spark the Romance

    Spark the romance by surprising her with a unique romantic summertime date, here are 8 date ideas to choose from.

    Longer days and warmer temperatures mean there are more options for going outside and enjoying time together. Here are 8 date ideas to romance your sweetheart and have her swooning.

    Pretend You’re Tourists

    Explore your city and its attractions to gain a fresh perspective on what makes your hometown great. Don your best tourist outfit (including fanny pack) and go sightseeing downtown. Get lost in the city, take pictures of each other in front of local popular attractions and visit places you’ve never actually visited because you live there.

    Hit the Farmers Market and Cook Together

    Get fresh produce and support local farmers and artists by visiting a farmers market. Plan a meal that consists solely of the freshest ingredients found at the market. Take the purchased items home and whip up a romantic meal for two together.


    Channel your inner child with a fun afternoon playdate. Pack your Frisbee, paddle tennis set and boccie balls because it’s going to get competitive. Fill a cooler with snacks, water and cold beer (if that’s your thing), and don’t forget sunscreen.

    Go Rummaging

    Beat the heat by getting up early and hitting yard and estate sales. Get there early to get the good stuff. The Dating Divas suggest having a garage sale scavenger hunt where you create a checklist of items to find while visiting different sales. Items can include a baby swing, tennis racket, self-help book, rollerblades and a board game. You can play the game together to make it a team effort.

    Play Outdoors

    If the weather permits, venture into nature together. Spend some quiet time alone with your girl and Mother Nature by renting a canoe or going on a hike.

    Have a Romantic Backyard Picnic

    All you really need to have a picnic is a blanket, food and good company. But if you want to get a little more creative with your setup, scour Pinterest for food and décor ideas. Here are some suggestions:

    • Set up a patio umbrella to use as a canopy to protect you and your date from the afternoon sun
    • Fill vases with flowers
    • Hang colorful paper lanterns from trees
    • Play soft music (jazz would be a good selection)
    • Set out pillows
    • Serve chilled white wine and a cheese and charcuterie board

    Check out a Music Festival

    Music warms the soul and brings people together. What better way is there to be one with your date than to attend an afternoon concert? And, summertime brings out the musicians. There are thousands of music festivals across the country even in the smallest of towns. Check with your local news station’s website for event listings.

    Go to a Carnival

    Ferris wheels, snow cones and hand holding — that’s a romantic afternoon at the fair. There’s nothing more romantic than meandering the colorful attractions hand-in-hand, laughing uncontrollably on the tilt-a-whirl and winning your date the largest stuffed animal you can hold (or a goldfish — one of the two). Get your kicks at a local carnival for a dreamy day date.

    So there you have our Top 8 Summer Date Ideas, but we suggest that you get creative when thinking of date ideas.  She or he will really appreciate the effort you too in researching date ideas.  Do you have date ideas that we missed?  We’d love to hear about it.  Please let us know your date ideas in the comments below.

  • Single Parent Dating

    Single Parent Dating Tips

    If you’re a single parent dating can be hard, but online dating can make it so much easier.

    Online dating sites give you the opportunity to meet many more people than you’d ever have the opportunity to meet rushing from the day care center to work to the grocery to your child’s gymnastics lesson. Time is one thing single parents never have enough of.  For the busy single parent dating can now fit into your busy life after you put your child/ children to bed.

    Dating online makes it easier to fit dating into your hectic schedule – and you should. When you’re a single parent, it’s easy to get lost in your children’s schedules and needs. But it’s important to remember that you are also an individual with needs of your own and deserve to have an adult life away from your children.

    Don’t let fear or guilt keep you from dating. Sure, it’s difficult to tell your children you’re going to go out with someone who isn’t mommy or daddy. But part of being a healthy role model for your children is showing your children how to be a strong adult and demonstrating how parents balance personal needs with child-rearing responsibilities. Preparing your children well before you actually start dating will lessen their anxiety. Talk about feeling lonely and needing friends your own age. Children can understand this. It may be difficult for them to adjust to your dating, but they want their parents to be happy and will adjust in time.

    Before you start dating online, you have to know what you’re looking for. For any single parent dating someone new can be daunting, so be honest with yourself. Are you looking for fun and an occasional escape from the demands of parenting? Are you looking for a fling with no-strings sex? Are you looking for romance? Are you looking for a new life partner? Knowing what you want will help you choose online daters who are looking for the same thing.

  • Break Up

    Online Dating After a Break Up

    Online dating after a break up can be hard, experts and even your friends will tell you that you need to give yourself time to heal.

    However, even if you’re not bitter or brokenhearted anymore it doesn’t mean that you won’t feel intimidated at the thought of going through the process of dating again. Yet, you know that you have got to get back into the dating pool if you want to find love. The idea of getting back out there after a break up can be daunting, especially if you’ve been used to focusing on a relationship and not on attracting new people. Online dating can help you get back out there in small, incremental steps.

    First, the act of preparing an online dating profile is practical and symbolic. It’s practical because having a profile on dating websites will put you on your way to meeting new potential romantic partners. It’s symbolic because even if you do not go out on a date right away, you are declaring to yourself and the world that you want to stop mourning your previous relationship and that you are ready for love.

    Online dating after a break up helps you to see that there are a lot of people out there who, like you, want to meet people. If you were a part of a couple and many of your friends had romantic partners, you may feel like everyone is all set, except you. This is certainly not the case. Online dating serves as an excellent reminder that there are plenty of fish in the sea. You don’t have to settle for being alone, nor do you have to settle for being in a relationship that really is not working for you.

    Prepare your new online dating profile now and start by finding a photographer near you.


  • Online Dating Safety

    Our Top 4 Tips for Online Dating Safety

    You need to keep online dating safety in mind with the many online dating sites and apps around.

    The discovery of your soulmate could begin with a simple swipe right, but never compromise your online dating safety. The convenience of online dating appeals to all. It provides a protective, cyber wall that lets you screen a person before you even meet them. While online dating may appear to lessen your vulnerability or squelch any surprises, it actually has many of its own unique pitfalls.

    The information you see on a potential love interest’s profile could be entirely made up and some users may have sinister intentions. Make sure you know how you can protect yourself online, so you don’t find yourself in a catfishing or scam scenario. Here are some tips that will help you stay safe in the world of online dating:


    When you meet someone online, online dating safety starts by limiting the amount of information you provide. If they are an online predator who plans to commit any sort of fraud, they will to collect as much information as possible from you. If it feels like someone is pressuring you for very personal details, this is a warning sign. Many people will go beyond the dating site and look you up on all other social sites for additional information. The closer they can get, the more at risk you are. Set your social media settings to private so they can’t gather any information they could use against you. Don’t use your entire first and last name on the dating site, as that is another way someone can easily cyber stalk you.


    Protect yourself from theft or identity fraud, when you engage in online dating. Do not share or post any personal information that provides details related to your bank account, credit card number or Social Security number. Try and refrain from sharing your personal contact information, as identity thieves will often pretend to be your financial institution in emails or phone calls. Utilize an identity theft protection service, like LifeLock, which can help you stay safe from any scams or fraudulent activities.

    Paid vs. Free Dating Sites

    There are many advantages and disadvantages that come with both free and paid online dating services. On a paid dating site you will get better quality of services, find more active profiles and meet people who take their involvement seriously. Paid sites also help weed out those who commit online fraud. These sites require more detailed information for payment and enrollment, which holds members accountable.

    Unpaid sites may only require an email or phone number, which can easily be made up. An identity thief or con artist will not want to pay for the services of the paid online dating site, as it may not be worth the reward, and they will also be wary of sharing any personal details.

    Meeting in Person

    After the first few message exchanges, ask your potential love interest if they can meet in person. If they live far away, offer the option to video chat. It is best to physically see the person you’re interested in, so you know they are how they appear on their profile. If your love interest seems wary of a face-to-face meeting, this is an immediate red flag. A scammer will rarely meet you in person, so this is one of the best methods that will test how genuine they are.