• What Your Eyes Reveal about Your Thoughts

    Poets say the eyes are the window to your soul. A bit overly romantic, perhaps; but your eyes definitely reveal what you’re thinking and feeling. The next time you gaze into your date’s eyes, don’t let yourself get lost in those limpid pools. To find out what your date is really thinking, pay attention to how often he or she blinks and where exactly your date is looking when you’re together.

    portraitUse the following tips to shed some light on what your date’s eyes are trying to tell you:

    • Blink rate. When comfortable and relaxed, people blink at the rate of 6 to 8 blinks per minute. If your date’s blink rate seems to be on permanent pause, he or she has zoned out and disengaged. If you can’t capture your date’s attention soon, expect it to be a short evening. However, if your date is blinking like a strobe light, total freak out may be just seconds away. If you don’t want your date to dash away like a scared rabbit, do or say something quickly to cut the tension and put your date at ease.
    • Closed eyes. Closing or covering the eyes is a protective mechanism. We protect ourselves from things that are unpleasant or threatening by refusing to look at them. If your date appears to be sleeping sitting up, you might as well delete his or her number from your cell phone.
    • Looking straight at you. Score! If your date spends most of the date gazing into your eyes, you’re hitting it out of the park! Continuous eye contact means your date is totally engaged and interested. Ask for another date now.