• Most Revealed Dating Deal Breakers

    Everyone has different ideas of what makes a good date. A behavior that makes one person want to bang his head against the wall and run screaming from the room may be considered adorable by another person. Each of us has different dating deal breakers, behaviors or experiences that sound the dating death knell; but there are some behaviors that are so universally disliked that they turn up on everyone’s list of worst dates ever. If your date exhibits one of these behaviors, don’t walk away – run!

    • bad_dateMonologue. Conversation is not a monologue. When you and your date are talking, the conversation should go back and forth, each of you talking as much as you’re listening. If you find yourself nodding a lot while your date rambles on and on and on, say “good-bye” as soon as you can get a word in.
    • All about me. Someone who talks about himself continually and never asks about you or who only plans dating activities he/she enjoys or will only go to restaurants he/she likes should raise a forest of red flags. Unless you plan to spend every date worshipping at the alter of this person’s greatness, keep looking.
    • Competitive showoff. Competition can be a good thing, but back away from a date who is constantly competing and must always win. A date who over-compensates to cover-up deep-seated feelings of insecurity is not only exhausting but is unlikely to be considering your safety (or his/her own) when he/she goes into braggart mode.
    • Cheapskate. Take your pick: The date who seems to go blind when the waiter brings the check around. The date who “conveniently” left their wallet at home. The date who orders the priciest items on the menu and doesn’t offer to pay his/her share.

    What are your dating deal breakers?