• Dating Tips for Men: Meeting Your Girlfriend’s Parents


    I’ve targeted this blog for the men out there, because sometimes we need more help.  So, if your online dating relationship is looking good, you may get an invitation to meet your girlfriend’s parents. Meeting the parents is an important step up the relationship ladder, so it’s natural to be a little nervous. Your visit will be the first time your girlfriend’s parents start looking at you as their daughter’s potential mate. That’s as big a step for parents as it is for youDating Tips for Men and your girlfriend. All of their protective shields will be on Red Alert! No wonder you’re nervous!

    There’s no need to panic. The way to slip under their shields and win over your girlfriend’s parents is to pull out all the stops and make a great first impression. Follow these tips and you’re sure to win them over:

    • Dress to impress. If you’ll be meeting at a nice restaurant, wear a suit and tie. If you’re invited to dinner at their house, skip the jeans and sneakers and go with business casual. Khakis with a dress shirt or polo and loafers is always a sharp look. Make sure your clothes are clean and ironed and take a minute to shine your shoes.
    • Get a haircut. You don’t have to shorten or change your style, but a trim will make you look neat and tidy.
    • Clean your nails. When you shake, you want to offer her dad a clean hand. Trim your cuticles and use a nail brush to clean under your nails.
    • Stop by the florist. Always arrive bearing gifts. Choose a nice but not ostentatious bouquet for your girlfriend’s mom. If your girlfriend has been visiting her parents and you won’t be arriving together, earn extra points by bringing a slightly smaller bouquet for your girlfriend. Just don’t outshine her mom’s gift; it’s her mom you’re trying to impress.
    • Shake hands. When you arrive, smile, make eye contact, introduce yourself and shake hands — with both parents. If her mom offers a hug, keep it short and friendly; but make sure you shake her dad’s hand.